End of year generosity

Biggest needs:

  • Better transportation (vehicle) for our family. We have a nice 4×4 car now but it is old and not made to weekly travel down the village roads therefore we are regularly fixing and replacing things on it. We need something that will be stronger and more reliable for this kind of travel we have to take weekly. ($3000)
  • Funds for staff investment opportunities like a Christmas party, monthly birthday celebrations, staff appreciation days, small groups and bible studies, and special needs that come up ($1500)
  • Funds for annual trip to the US for a time of refreshment, rest, and support raising. ($2500)

Ways to be praying for us:

  • Protection…physical, spiritual, and over our relationships
  • Increased favor with our staff
  • Strong community of friends and encouragers
  • For Sole Hope leadership as they lead us in a healthy direction for this next year
  • Wisdom in finding a new car
  • Healthy bodies
  • Encouraged hearts
  • Lara and kids visas to come through (Spanky received his work permit last week!!!)

How can you partner with us:

  • Pray Pray Pray
  • Have your church partner with us and Sole Hope through hands on events like shoe cutting parties and more. Sole Hope, Get Involved
  • Come visit us! or Bring a team to visit and experience Sole Hope and Uganda
  • Share with others. We would love for others to have the opportunity to be a part of this mission and Sole Hope www.rousehouse.org
  • Be generous. We need more monthly givers Give Monthly
  • Give a special gift to support this ministry here in Uganda Special gift

BIG Things, Legacy, Life’s Purpose….

Grey (left), Mac (center), Elly (right)

I believe that God has created me and called me to do BIG things in this world! Big things that will move the Gospel forward. Big things that will change lives, families, and communities. Big things that will help people know Jesus better and better. Big things that will put a smile on my Heavenly Fathers face and things that will become my legacy.

I have dreams of what these BIG things might be, could be, or want them to be. They all revolve around our life and family’s mission statement…we are going to love people well, serve those in need, and help them know Jesus and grow in a real relationship with him…The BIG things could be endless with a focus like that.

But what if the BIG things that I dream about and hope for are smaller than I initially imagine? I had this thought the other day and it is something that I have really come to ponder a lot over the past couple of years. What if the biggest thing I ever do for God, for those in this world, or as my legacy is NOT to change the world?  When I say change the world what I mean is making a lasting difference wherever and with whoever the Lord puts in front of me.

What if God’s whole purpose for me in life is to simply raise/disciple/train up 3 little people that will then go on to change the world? Not that this is or would be a simple task but at first glance it does seem way smaller than the dreams I have for changing the world.  What a difference could it make if I simply tried to, Be the best, most Godly dad I can be to my children?  I whole heartily believe that if this is one of the main focal points of life that my children will go on to change the world, at least the world around them. They will be people and are people that love others, enjoy serving others, and know the truth that Jesus loves people more than anything else already. If this is who they are today, WOW, who will they be in 10, 20, 40 years from now!!! They will go on to do BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC, UNIMAGINABLE things for God. I get the opportunity to shape these kind of people. That seems like a mission worth pursuing.

I know two things in life. God has created us to be people that love and trust Him wholeheartedly, and He has called each one of us to a specific purpose. If I can live out the first part of that then I will live out the second. As I come to love and trust God with my life I will live out the purpose of raising world changers! I have never been great with words but I do great with numbers therefore, 3 is always better than 1. What the 3 of them will do with their life will make a greater impact than my single life could every make. I can live with that kind of legacy!


Is There Value to Short-Term Missions?

I was asked last month to do a write up for the UWM blog regarding my thoughts and views of short term mission work. As many of you know Lara and I cut our teeth in missions serving churches through short term mission trips. We had great experiences, learned a lot, and gained a new heart for the world through these years. Unfortunately, not everyones experience with short term mission teams is as good as ours was. Short term missions can too often be disruptive, inconsistent, and harmful…unless they are done with a few long term goals and thoughts in mind. Here is our my story…


For many of us we we hear someone say “short-term” missions or a missions trip, and we associate a negative feeling or thought with those phrases. We stereotype what they look like and the impact they could have on the “real” work of missions. We ask questions like: How helpful could this really be? What could short-term trips really accomplish in just a small period of time?  Are they going to be helping or will they just hurt the work we are doing?  If we are really honest with ourselves, we don’t see a great deal of value or need for short-term missions.

What if this way of thinking may not be all there is to short-term missions? What value can we find in short-term work, if any? I have one thought about the benefit of short-term missions.

spanky st trip
My first hike into the jungles of Chiriqui, Panama, 2004

I could share with you many stories, and some of them would be your story, that long-term missionaries have told me about how God led them into missions.  For many missionaries it started with them first participating in a short-term trip.  Many of us have committed to give our life to missions because of a short-term mission trip.  Many of us realized the call of God on our lives when we stepped out of our comfort zones and went on a trip to serve in another country for two weeks.  Many of us experienced how God could use us and wanted to use us.  Many of us received a passion for a specific place, people group, or type of ministry because we said yes to going on a short-term mission trip.


For me personally, I look back and remember many of the short-term mission trips that I took as a teenager and younger adult.  They were highly instrumental in shaping who I am today as a man, minister, and follower of Christ.  I often think back to a specific short-term mission trip that I took 12 years ago when I clearly heard the call of God on my life to pursue Him and to live intentionally/missionally.  I was sitting in a tent in the middle of the Panamanian jungle when I believe I heard the voice of God call to me.  I was out of my comfort zone, working with local pastors, experiencing a different culture and language when I was awakened to the possibility that God not only could use me but wanted to use me to reach the nations with His Good News.

spanky panama
Because of that trip my family and I committed our lives to a missional way of living, whether it was in our neighborhood, our school, our church, and/or around the world.


I understand that short-term missions – if not done correctly or are not closely tied to the long-term goals – can do more harm than good. But, I also believe that they can be a tool that helps fuel the fire of missions around the world!  I have seen and experienced how God can use short- term missions as an on-ramp to a life of leading others in a growing relationship with Jesus while loving and serving them well.

Who is God calling today who will only encounter His purpose for their life through the experience of going on a short-term missions trip?  Many, many more Kingdom workers, I believe!

By: Spanky Rouse, Mobilizer & Coach – Africa & Asia

Visiting the Community, South Africa part 2


The second half of my trip to South Africa was pretty amazing! My beautiful bride was able to fly down and join me for the second week which very cool for us. It was the first time in 5 years that we have been able to travel to Africa together. When we are together in that special place it is always some kind of wonderful.

The reason for this part of the trip was to visit one of the biggest projects/ministries and groups of missionaries that I support and have the blessing to serve alongside here at UWM. My biggest priority for this part of my trip was to gain a better understanding of who we are and what we do in South Africa. My favorite part of the trip was having the privilege to spend time with the people that are living and serving in South Africa. What better way to get a feel for the ministry than to get to know the people.


I have wrote about East Mountain, the ministry there outside of Cape Town, a couple times and many of you have heard me talk about them because they are just that awesome. **Actually the very first missionary couple and the first intern that I had the opportunity to work with when I came on board here at UWM, both went to serve here with East Mountain South Africa. I just wrote a blog post on East Mountain not long ago and you can read more about who they are and what they do here EAST MOUNTAIN or you can check out their website for more info here eastmountain.tv

DISCLAIMER – This may sound like no work and all play but…I enjoy my work so much and most of my co-workers live in beautiful places around the world so…most of my work does feel like it is all play. Great things were accomplished for the Kingdom while we enjoyed every sight, sound, and taste of South Africa! If you got to have a job it might as well be one you enjoy, right!


When I travel I usually get the question, “how was your trip” from many of you and my response is often, “amazing!”. This time I would say exactly the same thing, “amazing!” So, I thought I would share with you some of the experiences, pictures, and stories that Lara and I had from being there and being with the East Mountain Community that made it “amazing!”. It was a full week but really fun! Fun, not just because we were in one of the most breath taking places on earth but because of the people we were with…the giant mountains, gorgeous beaches, perfect weather, wine country, and delicious food didn’t hurt either!

Sunday: Lara had just arrived the night before so we took it easy and hung out with the Halbert family. They allowed us to crash with them for the week and it was great. These guys are great host and friends to spend time with. Sunday lunch was at a local winery where they have what they call, “market”every week. It was like a small, relaxed festival with local food and crafts. Then we headed to the famous Table Mountain to hike and see the sunset. The views were unbelievable! Pictures can not do it justice. Unfortunately, we did not see the sun set because the winds were so bad they evacuated the mountain. Still an awesome day!


Monday: We did the “Loop” as they call it. Basically, you start going down the eastern coast of Cape, down to Cape Point, then back up to Cape Town. This was a long day but a really fun way to see much of the area and cool sites like, penguins, Cape Point, and the beach! We finished the day off having dinner with all of the interns from the US and Africa that live at the East Mountain house. Awesome day!



Tuesday: We were invited to the staff meeting where we had the chance to hear about some of the things happening and coming up in the next few weeks. It was good for me to see all of the Community together and working together. Later that afternoon Lara and I went out with Gabe Smith, friend and founder of East Mountain, to the oldest winery in Stellenbosch. We had a good time catching up on life and ministry while doing a wine and chocolate paring. So yum! Later that evening we sat around with the more friends catching up, laughing, dreaming about the future, and talking about how God is doing a great thing with this work here in South Africa. Awesome day!


Wednesday: The morning was freed up so that Lara and I were able to spend a little bit of time together in the city. We walked around exploring this quaint city, checking out little coffee shops, talking just to two of us, and we enjoyed all of the fun shops that line the streets of Stellenbosch. For lunch and dinner we went out with two different couples that serve at East Mountain and got their view of life, ministry, and experiences as they have just recently finished up their first year being in South Africa. These times are valuable and very helpful for me as I work with others interested in serving overseas in the future. Another awesome day!


Thursday: This day got off on a good start! We had an early meeting to talk about future work and plans for East Mountain and how I could help resource them with the right people. The kicker is, our breakfast meeting was at the beach starring at the cliffs running off into the ocean. In the words of a wise person I know (wink wink you know who you are), this did not suck! We were then able to visit with another leader at East Mountain who serves one of our partner churches and school in a local township to see transformation…real life changing, long lasting transformation. Today this poor, lower class community is better than it was last year and in the next 5-20 years it will radically different! This isn’t the nicest, safest, or most welcoming township but there is a bit of light that is springing up out of the local church. They are educating, feeding, loving on people, tutoring, creating fun spaces to learn the bible and how to worship, meeting needs, interacting with the least of these, and making it a better place today and for the future. We have the opportunity to come alongside them as a resource, friend, and support to help them do even more of the things God has called them to do. This was one of the most impactful times of our trip for Lara and I. We were able to participate in some of the ministry while sitting with people in their homes and walking the streets. We ended the day by having dinner in the home of another “fresh to the field” missionary family that seem to be rocking it! It was truly an awesome day!


Friday: We headed back home but before we did Lara and I took advantage of this great weather and wonderful little city. We went walking, site seeing, got some coffee, ate at our favorite breakfast spot, and said our goodbyes to some of our new friends! It was an awesome day other than the fact that we had to leave!IMG_5886.JPG

East Mountain is a community of people who love Jesus, the local church, and each other. We are blessed to have spent some time with each one of them. For all of you who partner with the RouseHouse through prayer, financial support, and encouragement we want to say a BIG THANK YOU for making this time possible! It meant a lot to us as well as to the men, woman, and families we were able to sit with and encourage during this week. Thank you and God Bless!IMG_5854.JPG

What Africa really needs

This is an article that I read on The Gospel Coalition website a few weeks ago. This story proves why we are focusing on more training of Christian leaders and discipleing believers in Africa at UWM (read to the end to hear more). It is an inspiring story of what God can do through anyone.

Bringing Christ to Castaways

He was cursed before he ever came out of his mother’s womb.

Maxwell Blay grew up in Ghana as an outcast of his tribe, stigmatized as unclean by virtue of being the tenth-born of his mother. The Bulu curse branded him and all those around him. Yet he had not been aborted before birth—the fate of his kind—or killed or abandoned in the jungle. Instead, his parents chose to keep him, even in the face of condemnation. His mother, strengthened by her Christian faith, put her trust in the Lord in sending Maxwell to them.

The belief in Bulu or Badu, the Ghanaian name meaning tenth-born child, springs from dark tribal folklore in remote areas of the country, and marks people as cursed. This same superstition applies to so-called “spirit children,” those born disabled or diseased, or whose mothers die in childbirth.

Though no official statistics exist, it’s believed that thousands of babies have been put to death. Untold more are abused, exploited or abandoned.

Maxwell, whose wife, Joana, is also the tenth-born in her family, carries a heavy burden for castaways. Through God’s miraculous providence, he became founder and president of Ransom Foundation, an indigenous Christian charity. In 2007 he partnered with the Children’s Hunger Fund Mercy Network (CHF)to reach out to people in dire poverty. To read more….http://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/bringing-christ-to-castaways

In 1910, 9% of Africans professed to be Christian. Today, that number is 38%. This tremendous growth has left Africa in a desperate need of discipleship and leadership training. By 2050, it is estimated that 1 in 3 Christians in the world will be African.


One of the ways we, UWM and the RouseHouse, are tackling this great need is through a ministry in South Africa called East Mountain. They are dedicated to developing Christian leaders from Africa as well as the US. Participates in the East Mountain program receive practical experience in local ministry while being mentored spiritually and theologically by seasoned leaders. These participated return to their local communities more equipped to be effective, godly leaders. m,mm

I am very excited to share with you that Lara and I will have the chance to visit East Mountain in Cape Town this month! We both feel blessed to have this opportunity to travel together as well as it is the first time in 5 years that both of us have been in Africa!!! Please pray for us as we prepare and travel to South Africa. We will be sure to send some vlogs (videos blogs) while we are there.

Thank you for all that you do in partnering with the RouseHouse!




New neighborhood, new school, new opportunities

IMG_4770So we made it through the first week of school! We have one child that loves school and misses it about half way through the summer (Mac). We have another that dreads the thought of waking up everyday and going (Grey). With them starting a new school we really didn’t know what to expect but so far so good. Grey, the one we worry the most about, came home from school the first day and said it was heavenly. After we picked our jaws up off the floor we asked him why. He said that his teacher was so nice and doesn’t give out homework or at least she doesn’t this first week of school. We are hoping that he still like her next week when she loads him up with homework.  Mac obviously loves it and is already making friends while he is trying learn who all is a “walker” and where they live.

Walker” – we do not use this term in the same manner as zombie like creatures from the show The Walking Dead even though this is exactly what comes to mind every time the boys tell me about a new walker they meet. Walkers are kids in the neighborhood that live too close to the school to be assigned a bus…they have to walk. Our kids are walkers and we think that it is the coolest thing. I tell people that it feels like we live in a storybook. Who walks to school with their neighbors! So cool!

While walking in the morning with our kids we spend time talking, praying for their day, and praying for our neighbors. We truly believe that God has great plans for this community, the school, and the people here, so we ask daily that He will do a great work among us. We also ask that God will give the Rouse House favor and influence as well as opportunities to love and serve those here. We know that influence will likely come as we have a chance to serve them more. We have been thinking about ways we can get to know others since that seems like the obvious first step in living missionally. This morning it hit me! Walk to school and talk to those we see along the way! Sounds simple enough but it actually works!

This morning after I left the boys I saw a family that was leaving for school too. They live on the corner  between our house and the school so we see them each morning. I have tried to talk to these guys a few times but they never seem interested…I still wave, smile, and say hey…Lara and I were joking the other day because I waive at everyone I see in the neighborhood. I told her I want to be known as the crazy guy that is constantly waving and saying hello…Back to this family on the corner. I saw that their fridge was sitting out by the street this morning. I asked if it broke and if they had another one yet but they don’t. I asked him if he would be interested in a new one if I could find it for him and with a big smile he said, “Oh yea. That would be great.” We then quickly introduces ourselves.

This little moment this morning may not seem like much but I know that it is a start. All great things in this world had to start somewhere and I believe that they probably started with a quick hello. The RouseHouse may have big dreams, passions, and prayers for this community but we know that we have to start somewhere. Today it could be simply helping a neighbor get a new fridge, tomorrow it could be cutting a neighbor’s yard, next month it could be coaching a boys club after school, next year it could be leading a small group through the bible in our home, and before we know it God can have done something amazing here in our neighborhood. Something that last for years and even generations as we focus on caring for people and their families. It is a HUGE as, even overwhelming when we think about all of it, but today we are just going to keep walking to school, smiling and waving, and being the kind of neighbor that Jesus would probably be until He says He is finished with us.

What kind of neighbor are you?

Do you know your neighbors by name?

What if we went out of our way to meet those around us and find ways to serve them? I would love for you to leave a comment on how you are going to meet and serve your neighbors!!!

Romans 15:2 The Voice 

Each of us must strive to please our neighbors, pursuing their welfare so they will become strong.

Our table


Have you ever had someone do something so awesome that it makes you want to tell people about it? Well, fortunately I have, many times. God has blessed the RouseHouse so much and He often does it through the amazing people He has put in our life.

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” – C.S. Lewis

When we began talking about moving Lara and I thought about how we want this to be a place of community. Therefore, we wanted a really big table that could fit a bunch of people and a ton of children. Well, those kinds of tables are not cheap! We know a friend that had just built a large farm table and it looked really good, so I asked him if he would be interested in helping me build one for our new house. Before any of you say something I did fully disclose that I have 0% skills in craftsmanship! My friend quickly said, “would you just want me to build it and you can paint and stain it?” to which I respond with a “OH YES!” I think he knew that it would probably be more work to have me actually help. He got started and it quickly came together.

Lara and I sat and looked at the table the other night when I finished staining it. We talked about the many years that we will be using this beautiful piece. Our hope is that God will use this piece of furniture in hundreds of people’s lives and our dream is that one day it will sit in one of our children’s house and will be a place of community and long conversations for them too.

What a friend and servant! Who builds a table like this for someone else house without charging them??? The RouseHouse is so thankful and blessed!


PS, the top was made out of reclaimed wood from a construction demo project at Piney Grove School which makes it even more special! We not only have a table that will have a bunch of people around it in the years to come but a piece that will always remind us of how God has used us in this community for many years. How cool is that!

This is our home!

Almost 8 years ago Lara and I since that they Lord was telling us to sell our new home that we had built just a couple of years ago. We knew that God was leading us into a life of full-time ministry and wanted to make sure we had more financial margin than we currently did. We are so glad we listened and did sell it! We had no idea of the journey that was before us.

We thankfully had a great home to move into but planned to only be there for 6 months – 1 year. Well, we never really had a chance to move out of that home and we never felt like God was saying it was time. Until now.

Also, 4 years ago we were led to start a ministry in a local neighborhood (Piney Grove) after serving in a variety of countries for that past few years. This became a large focus of ours and our church’s (Ridge Church). We have seen God do some really awesome things around the school, with the staff of the school, and with a handful of families in the neighborhoods surrounding the school. There are some pretty amazing stories we can tell and some that are still in the making! Then towards the end of 2014 around the same time I was privilege to take this new role with United World Mission, the RouseHouse felt the Lord might want us to move into the Piney Grove neighborhood. We toyed with the idea and prayed some about it but didn’t know if we were ready just yet. Some of our closest friends began to feel the same stirring to move into the neighborhood which seemed really cool to imagine both of our families living and serving together. Then our pastor, Chris Brown asked us, “Have you thought about moving into the neighborhood?”

We began wondering what it would look like for “us” to become a “them”? How much more could we live intentionally and missionally if we were in the midst of the community? Why wouldn’t we do this? Is God putting all of the pieces together for us to take this step? This could actually be a huge blessing for the RouseHouse in so many ways.

As we began praying through and wrestling with these and other questions we quickly found our hearts becoming more attached to the idea of living in this community. Therefore we started looking for houses with our friends. Every home that was for sale over the last 6 months in this neighborhood we have looked at. Early on in our search we found one house that was in much better shape than most and it seemed to have a lot of community living space; 2 living rooms, patio, large back yard, and a front porch. For the reasons we want to move in this neighborhood we knew that we needed living spaces like this. So, we made an offer! Unfortunately, the night before the seller accepted someone elses offer. We were bummed but had to try to move on. We just couldn’t move on though. At least I couldn’t. I genuinely felt that the Lord had told me that this was the house He had for the RouseHouse but it didn’t make sense because someone else was already buying it, so I prayed that if it was His will He would make a way. And He did, about a month later the contract fell through and we were the first offer on the table!

The RouseHouse on the front porch of our new home

It isn’t the dream house, it isn’t the biggest house, it isn’t the newest house, it isn’t the area we would normally choose to move too…it is however the place God has called us too! It is our mission field and these are the people He has put on our heart  and in our path to serve/love for this season of our life. This is our home and we love it already!

The RouseHouse is so excited and so nervous all at the same time. We know that there will be days that may not be the easiest or the most comfortable. We are also hopeful for the days when we get to sit on the front porch or in our living room with new friends laughing with them and caring for them. Our goals are simple. We want to be the best neighbors, make good friends, serve those in need, seek ways to bless those around us, and after all of this, we want to show people how to follow Jesus and worship our God.

As we take this next step in life and ministry we would love for you to remember us in your prayers often. Please be praying for His Spirit to be so evident, His blessings to cover us and our new home, that we may be a “city on a hill”, that we will gain favor from our neighbors and have great influence in their lives, that God will provide a smooth transition for us and the kids, that our kids will build some great friendships, and for the Fathers blessings and presence to flood us during this season of life.

The best is yet to come!

Visiting a missional community

IMG_3967Last week I went on a trip with a co-worker of mine to Athen, GA. If you are like me the only thing you know about Athens is that it is the home of the UGA Bulldogs and some of you may know Athens Church too. (this is a pretty great North Point and Ridge Church partner church) But there is something really cool happening in this college town that most don’t know about.  There is a movement happening, a movement of God and it has the potential to change the world!

The reason for our trip to Athens was to visit with some potential ministry partners of United World Mission. At UWM we love and live by the idea that we can reach the world with the Gospel and love of Jesus through partnering with other organizations, churches, groups, families, universities, etc. We love this concept of the “Church” working together so we all work trying to find and create new partnerships around the world.

In Athens there are a couple of really cool ministries or groups of people that are making a huge impact on missions by reaching international students on the UGA campus…the nations are coming to us! One of these partners that I was meeting with, Launch Global, is taking the idea of missional community and running with it! They are moving into neighborhoods, intentionally building friendships with internationals, and seeking out ways to serve them, love them, spend time with them, and share Jesus with them. Many in these groups are learning foreign language like Japanese and hanging out at Islamic centers! These people have devoted hearts for missions, the missions they are running after just happens to be their next door neighbor.

While I was there I had the opportunity to go to one of their weekly gathering where they study the bible, worship, and share stories of how they have seen God use them in the past week. POWERFUL! They then write every name on this large board of someone they are trying to make friends with or are disciplining. With 20+/- people who are a part of this group I read 143 names they pray specifically for each week. Some of these names were from some of the most unreached countries in the entire world. Places that you will be killed for speaking the name of Jesus. You want to talk about reaching the most unreached and loving those that are far from God, this group is doing it everyday!

My takeaways were seeing just how intentional this group were with their daily lives and using every moment and interaction to allow Jesus to shine through to their world. This experience was inspiring. Inspired me to consider how God wants to intentionally use me everyday to love this world and let others know who this amazing God is through my life.

Please pray for this Launch community as they love, serve, and lead others to Jesus! Also, pray that God will make you aware of the mission field that He has put in front of you today.

What can you start doing today?

Some of you may follow me on Facebook and saw an article that I posted earlier this week about missional living. The article suggested 8 easy ways to live missionally.  It sparked a brief conversation between a good friend and me. **Let me tell you first that this guy lives out his faith, missional living, better than most American Christians that I know or have heard of. He, day by day, is loving on and serving those in his neighborhood. He is relentless in-spite of how messy and jacked up it can get…and it gets messy up often!

His point was just that, missional living is not easy. While I agree with him, I also believe that each one of us can start doing something today that is an easy next step in living out Jesus. Practical ways of being His hands and feet, salt and light to the “world” around us.

The problem I see is how we, churchy people, label missional living as something radical that only missionaries do or those crazy people who move to poor neighborhoods and say they are called to do. When in reality (God’s perspective) we are all called to live missionally. I am NOT saying that we are all called to be missionaries or sale our houses and move into a low-income areas to start a church! No not at all! ~Well some of us are probably called to do things like this if we are to be honest with our self.~ But for every single one of us we are “called” to love our neighbors, serve those in need, and live in a way that will point others to worship Jesus.

My question for each of us is, “What is one simple way we can start living missional today?”

Take a look at this article then ask where, who, how can I begin being missional. I would love to hear what step you are going to begin taking today towards missional living! Let’s start a movement of love, love that is in action!!!

This is my fb post regarding missional living. you can read it by going to my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/spanky.rouse
This is my fb post regarding missional living. you can read it by going to my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/spanky.rouse