What Faithfulness Looks Like To Us

2020 has been more different than any of us ever imagined. Even with things slowing getting back to normal our life just feels different. Fortunately, this year and its changes and challenges were no surprise to God and He has been slowly preparing us for years for these weird days we are in. And we know that He is also using this season to prepare us for the next one. He is just faithful like that! It has been helpful for us mentally and spiritually to remember this simple truth and reflect on how His hand has been weaving our days in to this special life we get to live. Let me give you a couple of examples…

House Groups at Jinja Town Church

With the lockdown of churches here in Uganda we have been streaming Jinja Town Church on FB. It was the best option at the time but everyone is missing the community that gathering for church on Sunday creates. In an effort to serve our church better we are introducing home groups to Jinja Town Church. This past month I have been able to help 9 groups begin meeting through out the week in different areas around town. I send out a short video each week summarising the sermon from Sunday along with a few questions and discussion points. Every group spends time praying for one another, enjoy fellowship together, and take communion. We have already had 4 people give their life to the Lord and so many others are being encouraged weekly by these gatherings. It is fun to see how the Lord is using our past experiences and skills we learned leading Small Groups at Ridge Church to serve the local church and meet people’s needs here today. 

Msumba Spanky

One of my roles at Jinja Town Church is to help share the preaching responsibilities and give Msumba (Pastor) Smooth a break. He is a great teacher and speaker and spends lots of time each week preparing. It is my pleasure to give him a breather every few weeks. Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to preach and finish up the sermon series “Storms”. I focused on Ps.91:14-16 and the promises the Lord gives us in those verses. Going through storms in life is inevitable, but God is faithful as we pass through them. Preaching is something that I am having to grow in but it has been a good outlet for me in processing what I am going through personally and what the Lord is doing in my life. Through this time of studying and preparation I was reminded of all the storms the Lord has brought me through and the promise that He is forever present with me. Here is the link if you would like to listen. https://web.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=2454100358232168&ref=search

Doing Life With People Gives Life

One thing the Lord taught us years ago is how important it is to live life with other people. We were created for community and the Lord calls us to help carry other people’s burdens. This takes work, it takes time, it requires vulnerability and it sometimes feels heavy, but it is so worth it. Not only do you get to see the faithfulness of God in your own life, you get a front row seat to see Him at work in others lives. God has used the people in our life so many times to encourage and bless us. It is our hearts desire to be that for others. When we were moving to Uganda we knew that the Lord wanted us to serve the people of Uganda, but we also had a desire to care for those in the expat community. We make an effort to connect with the people the Lord puts in our path and enjoy this journey together. It just makes the valleys and the mountain tops better.

Jinja Sweat

We love connecting with people from all over the world, hearing their stories and looking for ways to serve them and Jinja is full of so many people from so many different places. Our home gym, Jinja Sweat, was birthed out of this desire to build community and healthier bodies. We knew that accomplishing these two things would help others in becoming healthier emotionally and mentally too. We had no idea that during this crazy time our small gym classes would meet such a practical and real need. We have had so many people tell us that more than anything Jinja Sweat has helped them to stay sane during this time and even helped to fight off depression. That folks, is what you call a win! We have 2 small classes, 3 times a week, on a dirt floor, under a tin roof shelter, with minimal equipment, but the impact on people’s lives in spectacular. We are seeing more and more how creative God is in His plan to use our lives! Lara and I both experienced the power that exercise and attempting to eat healthy foods can make in your life just a few years ago. If there has ever been a time that we need to prioritise some self care to reduce the stress of life, the time is now! I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given at Carolina Sweat to get my fitness coach license and learn how to teach group fitness classes. Those skills are hard at work these days and are making an impact on so many!

Be Encouraged Friends

Even if this season feels weird, wasted, different and frustrating, please know that God will use it to prepare you for whatever is next and whatever is next is even better!

Will you be praying these things for us:

  • Eyes to be open to the opportunities and people around us
  • Strength and energy to continue investing in others
  • Spiritual growth and deepen relationship with the Lord
  • Extra funds for a gym floor (Pavers, Not dirt)
  • Wisdom
  • Direction for Jinja Town Church during this time
  • Mental, emotional and spiritual healthiness
  • Spanky finished his Life coaching school and is now working on hours so he can get his International Certification

Week 3 Rona Lock Down

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Intentional Generosity


What if we encouraged our pastors, supported our missionaries, and partnered with what God is already doing? What impact would we have?

I found a version of this list at The Gospel Coalition (https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/10-ways-to-encourage-a-missionary/) and thought it was so good. I have been on the receiving end of this kind of support and generosity so many times. I personally know just how special it can be. When people invest in my life, family, and ministry like one of these points below it is like fuel on my fire that keeps me going.

In honor of all of those who have partnered with the Rousehouse over the years I wanted to encourage you to pick one of these ideas and be intentionally generous today towards a friend, missionary, pastor, community worker, volunteer, or non-profit servant this week. They will be forever grateful!

1. Pray for them and let them know that you are doing so frequently.

We love to hear from people back in the US that say they are praying for us. It means a lot to know that you aren’t alone in this work. It can be as simple as a short text message but makes a world of a difference in my day.

Your pastor needs to know that you are praying for them! You have a responsibility to your church to support them in this way.

2. Send “real mail.”

Send a note or a card encouraging them.

If they are overseas spend the extra money on postage and ship them a care package. I have seen how special it is to get a package of goodies. It means a lot! Especially around the holidays.

3. Pray for the people the missionaries/church serve and not only for the missionaries/pastors and their families.

We partner together to see the victory…Prayer is the key!

Pray for your community or city as well! God is counting on you and your pastor can’t shoulder this mission alone.

4. Recruit others to pray for the missionary’s area of service (city, people group, etc.) or for the missionaries themselves.

When people you have never meet commit to join you in prayer or serve with you in some way you are reminded that this is much bigger than me. God is doing His thing and blessing me in the midst.

You could help connect your church, help by mailing newsletters, collecting supplies they may need, or host a fundraiser.

Ask your church, how can I volunteer? Their jaw will likely hit the floor.

5. Go visit them with the purpose of serving and encouraging them in their work.

We love visitors! They bring goodies, encourage us, they get to see our day to day lives, they remind us that people back home still care a lot about us, and make us laugh and feel normal again. It’s so great to have your people really know what your work and ministry is like so they can know better how to pray for you and help you along the way.

6. Send them updates and pictures of you and your family (by mail or email).

Christmas cards are our favorites! We also really enjoy when we get updates on how families are doing, life is changing, and special events that are happening. These things help us stay connected in a real way.

7. Ask questions about their work.

Ask not only how we are doing (we do like when people really care how we are doing), but ask about our work and try to learn all you can about the people or city where we are serving.

I know that this has been said, but truly CARING about the work is the best way to encourage us. It means a lot!

8. Continue to be a Christian friend and continue to minister to them.

“Having friends that know me, are patient with me, and expect me to be the same struggling sinner I was when I left helps me stay humble when tempted toward arrogance, and hopeful when tempted toward despair.” – Mark Rogers, The Gospel Coalition 

We are regularly caring for people therefore we need people to care for us in the same manner. People in ministry type work struggle the same as anyone else. We need positive and real investments from others as well.

I am grateful for 3 guys that regularly check in with me and meet me at a heart level. They are the secret to me not giving up!

Your pastor needs friends too. Invite them to parties, hang out and ask nothing of them, find out some of their interest and have fun with them. Treat them like normal people and they will love it.

9. Support them financially.

Find out what specific needs they might have and meet those needs. Find out if they need any regular monthly financial support and start giving…with a grateful heart.

I love when people buy our kids clothes, send money for us to go out to dinner or a long weekend way, or simply ask what we need. It is equally if not more exciting to see a new monthly gift come in that was unexpected.

For your pastor, send him $50 to take his wife out on a date. Pay for a weekend away for his family. Take him to play golf. Send him a gift card. Do something out of the ordinary and surprise your pastor. You have NO idea how much that will mean to him!

10. Seek to encourage them when they are on stateside assignment or a pastor on leave.

Take them out to dinner, give them a place to stay or a car to drive for the week, take them to eat Mexican food (nothing says I love you like tacos!), fill there car up with gas, invite them to speak at your church or small group, give a gift card to Target, help them stock up on things they need to take back with them, ask them how you might could bless them while they are there with you. This will feel like life to there bones and breath in their lungs!

Send your pastor on a vacation. Share your cabin in the mountains. Take them to a nice dinner. Do something special for your pastors wife or children. Care for them well and regularly. They need it!

The impact you will have by whole heartedly seeking ways to serve those who God has placed in your life will be unbelievable. You may never know how much it means to the friend, missionary, pastor, community worker, volunteer, or non-profit servant but trust me it is will bless them so much! Your act of intentional generosity may be the thing they need to keep working towards God’s call on their life.

Thank you for choosing intentional generosity!



25 Lessons Learned

We haven’t been in Uganda that long, just 7 weeks, but we have made some observations about this place, people, and culture. Some of them are super funny and some of our observations have helped us from losing our mind. Once we gain more of an understanding of some of these lessons learn it has helped grow our love for Uganda. It is also allowing us to just laugh when we would normally be frustrated. We thought it would be fun to share our list with you and maybe update it later as we are 100% sure there will be many more lessons to learn. 

  1. The word yes is replaced with the sound “mmm”…sometimes it can also mean no or I am still listening to you or I am thinking about it. 
  2. A Rolex is not a watch. It is a delicious street food that is similar to a burrito filled with eggs. 
  3. When you honk your horn (or hooter) it has about as many meanings as the sound”mmmm” and none of them are rude. It is more of a jester letting you know that I am driving down the street. 
  4. Electricity is not guaranteed and you must know at all times where the candles and flashlights are 
  5. “Food” is referring to the starch you eat at a meal. Uganda has posho (thick grit like cakes), rice, matooke (mashed up plantains), cassava and a variety of potatoes that make up 80% of your meal. 
  6. Gnuts are actually small peanuts and they are delicious!
  7. No matter how angry someone looks, if you say hello they will absolutely smile and greet you. 
  8. Greetings are very important! Everyone you meet will say hello, ask how you are doing, ask how your family is doing, how your day is going, etc. Greetings are important and not rushed!
  9. Sharing is a part of daily life. 
  10. A phone call trumps everything else. You could be in the middle of performing a medical procedure on someone and if your phone rings you stop to answer it. (I saw this very thing happen last week)
  11. If you want something done you call the person, you do not text them.
  12. There is no such thing as personal space. If you don’t like to be touched NEVER come to this country. 
  13. Chicken on a stick (another fast food, street food) can make any situation better. People get giddy over this special treat. 
  14. Your car breaking down in the middle of no where or getting stuck in mud is a part of life. Don’t worry about it but enjoy this time to chat with friends, laugh together, and wait for help. 
  15. Music is life and never stops playing.
  16. Fast internet means you might be able to download a Netflix show if no one else is on the internet. 
  17. Lizards and bugs are like extra roommates. You don’t bother them and they won’t bother you.
  18. You don’t point with your fingers. You point with your lips. It’s pretty hilarious the first time you see it. 
  19. If you eat dinner at your friends you better take a picture to show your wife. She might wonder why you aren’t hungry for her food and think some other woman has been feeding you. (This literally happened last week at our house)
  20. You shouldn’t get mad when things don’t happen in the time or manner you thought they should. Anger and demanding tones get you NOWHERE here. Laughter, long conversations, and patiences is like sweet honey. 
  21. Learn to laugh at yourself and others. Everyone else will surely be laughing when you do something stupid so join in, they love it. 
  22. If you are in a hurry you should stay home and out of traffic. It is better for your soul!
  23. Be ready to take your shoes off multiple times a day.
  24. The supermarket has everything you could need, just not when you need it. 
  25. If you need to buy something specific or have a specific job done, I have a guy that knows a guy that can get a guy to come meet you to talk about it. 

Oh the joys, struggles, fun, and challenges of living in Uganda!


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Visiting Jinja Town and Sole Hope

Last week our family boarded a plane in South Africa and headed north to Uganda with a question in our heads and on our hearts, “God, are you leading us to move here and work with Sole Hope?”. We were full of excitement to go to the place that sparked a fire and passion for Africa within us, but the excitement of this trip was accompanied by some anxiousness as we asked ourselves, “Can we do this? Can we live here long term?”



Cape Town, South Africa is completely different than the majority of Africa. Roads are smoother, things are cleaner, water is safer, accessibility to necessities are more available, and life is just a little closer to the what we would call “normal” in comparison to the rest of Africa. All that to say, there is something special about the rest of Africa too. The people are nice and welcoming, foods taste brighter and sweeter, weather is warm and tropical, and cultures are full of life!


When you are looking through the lens of “could we live here?” verse “this is a great short-term trip” things feel different and have a little bit heavier weight attached to them. At the end of day one both Lara and I felt totally overwhelmed and kind of scared to death. I think the the Lord used this sense of fear to help us view this trip rationally and not with an unrealistic excitement.


We spent time with the Sole Hope staff and volunteers, helped with jigger removal clinics in a village and at the Sole Hope Center, toured Jinja Town, attended a local church, checked out local spots to eat and drink coffee, drove through the mud and potholes, hang out with people that we believe will become good friends and had meetings on the Nile River while the sun set. It was a busy but great week for sure! We even found a 4×4 vehicle (definitely a must have!) that we will probably buy and a house that we will hopefully be able renovate, live in and use for ministry. This week was productive, eye opening, helpful, relational, faith building, hopeful and inspiring.

As a family, we are excited for all that the Lord has for us and the ways the Lord is going to work through our lives in this next season! Sole Hope and Jinja, Uganda we are coming for you!


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Prayer, Life, and All The Happenings, March 2019

Needing Prayer for Physical Healing…

Sometimes in life tough stuff just happens. And sometimes in life it just can’t be a coincidences that certain struggles all fall on you at once. When it rains it pours, right!  I definitely don’t believe that ever struggle is an attack of the enemy but evil is hunting us daily, especially when we are pursuing God and his plans for our lives.
We believe that the enemy is attacking and trying to distract us from what the Lord is up too. This past month we have had a bunch of physical issues.  Lara and I have had touch of Giardia or as it is called here, runny tummy. Lara and I also had some major back, hip, and shoulder pains. Elly injured her back on a scooter and she is having some pains with her teeth. Mac had a crazy bad ear infection that messed his equilibrium up for a few days which made him throw up when he would attempt to walk around. Grey suddenly woke up one morning with his eye swollen up from a weird stye. Unfortunately for him it lasted for about a week. We have definitely dependent on your prayers and the Lord’s protection!

God is doing up to something new…

There are those moments in life when you sense that God is up to something but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Right now is one of those moments for us. We can’t see the full picture but we are beginning to sense some of His plans that are to come. Will you partner with us by praying over us this next week? We want to hear the Lord clearly, know His heart wholly, obey fully and continue on the mission God has created us for.


East Mountain Partners…

I had the opportunity to meet with an East Mountain Partner recently in the township Kyamandi. It was fascinating to hear about all of the after school programs for children and youth they are running. I am excited to be able to help build a bridge of partnership between East Mountain and Prochous for this coming year. They are changing lives and communities!

Where are they now?

We have the opportunity to spend time with some of our past residents from time to time and we love it. We talk about life, encourage one another, laugh together, and dream of what the Lord has next. These people are close to our family’s heart and when I think about the fruit of my life many of them come to mind. Some of them we have had little investment in and some of them we will forever be closely tied too. Just the other day I got to spend the day with Siya. He is one of our residents from last year and lives near us in the township of Khayelitsha. I am proud of the man he is and excited for the steps he is taking to write a different story for himself, his family, church, and his community. He is a true agent of change and man of God! If you would like to hear more of Siya’s story and see what he is up to today, please read this article written by another resident from last year, Lindsay. Where are they now?
IMG_0003 2

Speaking Opportunity…

This past week I had the privileged of speaking at a weekly worship and prayer time for our local church. Our church staff were on a retreat together and they asked me to lead the evening prayer and worship gathering. I had my message all laid out and then the Lord pressed on me a new word, just hours before. I had been wrestling in my heart with letting go and letting God handle somethings. Elly had been reciting her bible verse for the week to me regularly for days but I honestly was too distracted to truly hear her. The morning before I was to speak she asked if she could tell me again her bible verse. As she did it was like the Holy Spirit pulled back the blinders from my heart and I heard the Fathers voice speaking directly to me. 1 Peter 5:7 “Give all of your cares and worries to God because He cares most for you” I knew right then that this was God’s message for us that night at church. It was a powerful evening and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve our church in this way!



We have had a flood of wonderful visitors recently and we LOVE it! One of Elly’s best and oldest friends, Brinley surprised her! Elly thought we were picking up a visitor for East Mountain but to her amazement Brinley came walking out. She was shocked! They enjoyed 10 fun filled days of beaching it, monkeys, sight seeing, penguins, eating, dress up, watching shows together, and lots of talking.


Lara also had 3 or her closest friends come spend time with her. These ladies came to love on her, speak life into her, spoil her, and laugh a lot with her! It was a blessing to see friends that are closer than sisters just be together! People traveling all the way here and going through all it takes to come to Africa, never stops amazing us! Those who are loved by so many have loved so well!


Updates on March prayer request and April needs:

  • Please be praying for new supporters and new churches to come along side of us to help sustain the work and our family’s needs. We need to raise about $500 more a month. If you would be able to join our monthly financial and prayer team we would be grateful! Your generosity will make a lasting difference in our lives and the lives of those the Lord is reaching here in Africa. Click here to sign up, http://uwm.org/missionaries/11084/
  • Pray for the Lord’s clear vision and direction for life and ministry here in Africa.
  • Pray that we will encourage and invest in the Life Church interns well this year.
  • Pray for Hope, Wisdom and Obedience
  • East Mountain Partnership: Pray for favour with leaders and open doors to how the Lord is leading East Mountain.
  • Friendships
  • For safety in travels
  • Romero’s wedding next weekend, April 27th


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Who is the poor?

When you think of the poor who or what comes to mind? Probably the homeless man on the corner. The families that live in the ghetto. The children in Africa that are on the commercials that are going with out food today. Yes they are living in poverty but are you poor too?
We have been learning that a major cause of poverty in the world is the result of broken and nonexistent relationships.  In the west (America and other wealthy nations) we believe that being poor is usually associated with homeless, bad living conditions, lack of food, insufficient medical care, diseased and minimal clothing.
Poverty is the absences of material needs but that is just one element of poverty. Poverty is more inclusive than just that. It is the lack of God, relationships, material needs, self care (heart, mind, soul). Poverty is the absences of Shalom (Peace) in all it’s meaning. Biblically we who are materially wealthy (most of us reading this are considered wealthy), do have a responsibility to help meet the needs of those that are poor but how much more “wealthy” would we be if we invested into our on relationships.
One thing that we are learning is that you can have all of your material needs met in life and still be poor. We usually try to alleviate poverty by giving money, clothes, building houses, feeding the homeless, and meeting the material needs of people who have less than us. People on the corner or the drastically poor in Africa. What if we are the ones in living poverty not just them? Have you ever considered yourself being poor? Many of us live life and work diligently towards meeting all of our material “needs” but maybe this hinders us from the Shalom God intends for us. I am talking about relationships. The lack of friendships, laughter, encouragement, mentors, people who care deeply for us, family, regular conversations, and small groups of people that we can do life together with. 
In Africa we see how deeply important relationships are. Relationships are everything to these communities. Wealth and happiness is measured in your friends and families. They believe that you can’t live life with out your community and it is remarkable at just how happy and content they are because of the people they do life with.
Lara and I think about all of our relationships and realise that we are wealthy beyond what we could ever count. We have many people that choose to invest in our lives and ministry every month. We have families that support us unconditionally. We have many friends that love us like crazy, some even travel around the world and others call us weekly to check in. NO matter how little we may have materially we know that our life is full of blessings that are worth much more than gold!
Today I thank the Lord that I am not suffering from this form of poverty!!!
(Our thoughts and ideas were formed from the book, When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett, Brian Fikkert)

Many goodbyes and time to exhale


This morning as I walk to meet a friend for coffee I am reminded of all of the wonderful people the Lord brought into our lives. We have been blessed this year! The month of December was an emotionally taxing month as we had a lot of tough goodbyes. Many things about this journey are so wonderful but somethings are just sad and heavy. One of the not so joyful moments for us are all of the goodbyes. We know that it is necessary but never fun. The mountain tops aren’t made for regular living but preparation for the valleys. We all have to descend, get to work and do what we were created to do.

Our family learned that we don’t like to say goodbye so we say, see you later. This past month we said “see you later” to some really special people. Tori, Lara’s closest friend here in South Africa moved back to Nevada after finishing up two years here at East Mountain. Zuzu went back home to Port Elizabeth, South Africa to start university. Zack moved back to the Carolina’s and will be finishing up school while serving with East Mountain on a global level. The rest of the residents have returned to there communities, countries, and families as well. Let’s just say it has been a lot for our family but we are so excited to see all that the Lord is going to do with these amazing people!


The Holidays are serious business here in South Africa. EVERYTHING is closed from the middle of December until the middle of Jan. I mean everything! This is a time for family, relaxing, vacations, friends, braai, and travel. We took advantage this year and hit the road! First, we traveled 9 hours up the east coast to take Zuzu home. We also celebrated her 21st birthday with all of her family while in Port Elizabeth. We made sure to make stops along the way and see this beautiful country.

Christmas was relaxing and quiet at the Rousehouse. We had a chilled day together as a family and then some friends came for supper. The following day, which is Boxing Day, we hit the road again for another road trip.

Our good friends invited us to there beach house in Mossel Bay which is 4 hours from where we live. It was a breath taking, beautiful place to call home for the week. We played on the beach, ate delicious South African specialty foods, spent time just talking, stayed up late laughing, and enjoyed our selves tremendously. This was a blessing from the Lord and a great way to end 2018!


In early December Grey and Elly both had end of year performaces. As everyone knows, Elly is a phenomenal dancer and loves being on stage. This time was no exception. Grey isn’t as much of a performer and getting on stage to play his guitar was a stretch to say the least. He was AMAZING! He is the youngest student but has progressed so well that he got the part of lead guitarist. We were so proud of him!

Our “oldest”, Romero, got engaged just before Christmas to his girl friend, Desi. We love Desi and are so excited for the both of them. Please be praying for the planning and wedding preparations for them. They plan to get married in April this year.

Alechia is doing well and is enjoying her break from university. She will start back later this month to continue working on her Children’s Ministry Certificate. Please be praying for her housing needs at school for this upcoming year. img_1368

Elly also celebrated her 8th birthday at the beginning of the month with friends, cake, presents, and games! This girl loves a party!

Updates on December prayer request and Jan needs:

  • UPDATE: End of year giving – We are so grateful for those of you who were able to help us finish the year strong by giving a special gift to our family and ministry!
  • UPDATE: We are going to UGANDA on Jan. 18th! Our family is so excited to experience all the Lord has in store for us on this trip. We will have a specific prayer list and calendar posted soon for you to follow along.
  • Graduated Residents – UPDATE: Everyone has made it safe and sound back home. Be praying for the Lord to be preparing the hearts and lives of our new residents that move in Jan.19th
  • Pray for the Lord’s clear vision and direction for life and ministry here in Africa.
  • The selling of our car. Our car will NOT sell! UPDATE:Still hasn’t sold so we are starting to ask the Lord what else He may want to do with this vehicle.
  • I still need to get my Land Rover fixed from the accident I had last month. UPDATE: I just had a friend tow it in to the shop today. Praying for prices to be affordable or that they will just buy it as is from me.
  • The Lord’s continued work in our own hearts. He is speaking and moving and we don’t want to miss out.
  • Take Zuzu home and road trip – UPDATE: It went smooth and hassle free. We are grateful that it was a good trip.

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https://www.instagram.com/causing_wonder/ – Mac’s Instagram

If you would be able to join our monthly financial and prayer team we would be grateful! Your generosity will make a lasting difference in our lives and the lives of those we touch here in Africa. Click here to sign up, http://uwm.org/missionaries/11084/


Christmas came early in the way of a surfboard and the Good News

How much does God love me? 
Does He listen me when I pray? 
Does he care about the small things I pray about, desire, and fill my head? 
If you are like me and any, what I would call “normal” Christian I am sure you have had these kind of questions. At least once in life if not reoccurring as daily thoughts.
Isaiah says that I am his treasure (Isaiah 62)! The Lord delights in me. He pursues my heart. He gets my attention through varies ways but he knows how I hear from him the best. Sometime He, My Heavenly Father, likes to absolutely blow me away with His goodness and love!
Many days I forget this amazing truth of grace and fall more on the side of these kind of thoughts…
I don’t feel worthy. Me?!? I haven’t and will never be able to live up to the standard of worthiness. I’m just a sinner. Broken. No where near perfect. Some days nothing comes out of me that is good.
And this is where I have to preach the Gospel (Good News) to my self and be reminded of His truth of who I am and who He is…
You look at me with delight, joy, deep love and affection. You smile on me. You see a reflection of your glory in my life. I am significant and chosen.
*So here is a story of how the Lord reminded me of this amazing reality of who I am and that He cares so deeply for me, even in ridiculous ways. 
I wanted a surf board. My skill level is not worthy of buying a surf board though. I’m still on the floor practicing my pop up techniques at home. I can barely catch a wave and the majority of the time wobble as I stand up on white wash.  I really enjoy being in the water! It is a time of my week when I get to be in the ocean with the Lord and no one really talks with me. It’s a refreshing hobby for me for sure. I have been praying,”God should I spend some Christmas money on a really rough, old, crappy board?” Haven’t felt confident in doing it yet and asked the Lord to show me when and what board I could buy when it came time for that.
A group of my friends from back home, Lara, and Zach (My mentee) were sneaky and got me a customised, hand shaped, internationally renown board from M*A*T Boards!!!!! I’m not worthy of riding a board like this and even more OWNING a board that was made just for Spanky Rouse. This is so much more than I wanted or was even asking God for! God blessed me with this amazing gift through my peeps and I am believing it was completely for me to know that He cares, He listens, and He gives me more than I am even close to worthy of having. IMG_1117
It’s not about the surf board. It’s about my Fathers delight and care for me, in everything of my life! Secondly, it is a wonderful reminder every time I hop on my board that I have a group of people that love me so much!
I am made more aware that I can trust Him and know that my Father who delights in me has life all under control and has greatness waiting for me in my future!
THANK YOU to all of you who made this possible!
Isaiah 63:7
I will tell of the kindnesses of the Lord,
the deeds for which he is to be praised,
according to all the Lord has done for us—
yes, the many good things
he has done for Israel,
according to his compassion and many kindnesses.
Isaiah 12: 4-5
In that day you will say:
Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name;
     make known among the nations what he has done,
     and proclaim that his name is exalted.
Sing to the Lord, for he has done glorious things;
     let this be known to all the world.

September 2018, 1 year Anniversary

At All airport about to board our first plane heading to South Africa 2017

Some days it feel like we have lived here for years and some days it feel like we have just arrived. Just a couple weeks ago, we had our 1 year anniversary of moving to South Africa. To think of all that we have been privileged to experience, people we have met, and things God has taught us is unbelievable. It hasn’t been a cake walk for sure but it has been memorable. We have learned so much over this past year,lessons we will take with us for the rest of our life. Some of our learnings continue to shape who we are as Christ followers. Some have shaped how we see people who don’t look or talk like us. Some have changed how we value and communicate with people. Some have created more compassion in our hearts. Some have grown our faith through days and weeks of struggles and uncertanties that force you to trust in God in new ways. Some have shaped us as a family. Some have created a deeper sense of gratitude in our hearts and minds. Some have taught us how we can love, serve, care for, influence, and impact peoples lives. There have been times of extreme highs and even deep lows. We have learned a lot, grown a lot, laughed a lot, pondered many things, studied our bibles probably more than ever, and prayed as if our life depended on it. God has proven his faithfulness time and time again.

Enjoying some sun on a cold day!

One realisation that is more indisputable today than ever before is the fact that we have an incredible community of friends, family, and partners! We knew that we had an amazing group of people that love and support us but we really had no idea how unusually awesome our community was. We have felt your support and love for us even half way across the globe. This (you) have been the fuel that kept us going on our toughest days. Our experience of love and support from community is something that we are passionate for others to get a taste of. Our mission is to be that community for others and offer hope as we walk alongside others in this journey called life!



Mac had a birthday in September! He turned 14 years old.


We also celebrated Lara’s birthday on September 30th with a big party outside on a super warm day!

Updates from prayer request last month:

  • the kids schooling – This year’s schooling seems to be going smoother than last year. Lara has been doing a great job and the kids seem to be learning a lot. img_0235
  • the last few months of the resident program. Our heart is for the residents to gain a greater understanding of their identity in Christ and passion for all that God has next for them. – The residents are doing well and are growing in so many ways!
  • Deeper relationships – It does seem that the Lord has been blessing us with more friendships and better relationships this month. September has been a relational refreshment for Lara and I and we are grateful.
  • for Romero (the young man that lives with us) to have success and influence in his new job. – Romero got a new job! He is managing a coffee shop that also supports the local homeless shelter which provides some great ministry conversations. He has already made some wonderful changes to improve the shop.
  • Alechia went on her first mission trip with her school to Lesotho. It was life changing and eye opening for her! She was taken out of her comfort zone and God blessed every moment for her!
  • We gained 2 new monthly partners!!!

We would love for you to be praying for:

  • We are in need for 4 more new monthly supporters at $100
  • Lara and I are taking the 11 residents on a weekend retreat this month. Be praying for the right place and for strengthened relationships
  • We are needing to sell one of our cars soon. Pray for the right buyers to come along soon.
  • Be praying for Elly to gain a better understanding in her reading skills and desire to read
  • Be praying for healthy partners here for us to serve alongside. Lara and I will be meeting with many of the East Mountain partners this month to build relationships and look for ways we can best serve them.
  • Evil is hunting our family everyday. Please be praying for the Lord’s protection over us physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

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