December 2014

During this time of the year most of us are celebrating the birth of the Savior of the world, enjoying some down time, and looking toward to the new year.

This year during December I have been reflecting more than ever with a new sense of clarity, eyes wide open one may say. This year has been a bit taxing on the mental, emotional, and spiritual side of life for the Rouse House. Life has been good but on the inside it has been a little more than we would wish to have carried. Let’s just say transitions are tough, even good changes can be hard. On the bright side, I know that we have grown in our relationship with Christ and discernment for His will for our life and ministry. I would not be honest if I didn’t at least say God has blessed us more this year than any other year, for real! Our children are incredible, we are healthy,  life is exciting, and ministry is ramping up. God is up to good things in the Rouse House!

With the thought of the new year, I am growing with excitement with the sense of what God is building with in the hearts and dreams of the Rouse House. So much good; good probably isn’t the best word to use because I have come to learn that His plans are not merely good but UNBELIEVABLE. Lara and I have began talking through some of these crazy God size dreams. Dreams and ideas that revolve around missional living. Don’t get me wrong, with dreams come plenty of fears. My thought is, we shouldn’t continue in the ordinary just to have a life of comfortableness, but to take a step into the extraordinary to experience the fullness of this life, is the true meaning of life! The life He is offering to us who dare follow (John 10:10). What does it look like for us to be living “missionally”? We don’t really know the specifics but we do know that it is taking the opportunities we have and living in away that people, families, and communities are changed. Living life in a way that is pleasing to God through our faith and loving others in a way they may know Him more. I am sure we will be able to share more in the days to come so stay tuned.

This new year I am so excited to jump deeper into my role at UWM (United World Mission). I have been loving it so far!  I have had the privilege to start the connection with people that have a passion for what God is doing in the nations, help build and create local partnerships, and seek new opportunities to for UWM to serve. I can not believe the amazing world changers I have been able to meet and get to know thus far. People from the poorest areas of Charlotte to the largest cities in China. The stories they have one could write a book about!!! I am honored to call this a job!

January 1 I will be heading to Thailand for 2 weeks (what a way to start the new year!). I get to be a part of our Asia Conference with UWM and get to meet missionaries from all over that region. I can not wait to tell the stories from that trip! I will try to post regularly during then too. The majority of my time will be working but I do have a wish list of things I hope t to do while I am in Thailand. Just a few of them are visiting the lying Buddha in Bangkok, take a river taxi, visit the floating market, and take a ride on an elephant (believe me I will post a few pics of this one).

In February we will be tackling some big projects at our local ministry at Piney Grove Elementary. The school has received a new grant to improve certain areas of the school and asked if we could provide the workers. I am so glad we will be able to be apart of rebuilding a food pantry and clothing pantry for those who may need it! We would love to have you come volunteer with us if you are local. More details to come.

We have much more on the horizon for 2015 so please stay tuned by following us. We would also love your prayers for our family as we keep pursuing God’s desire for who He has created us to be and what He has called us to do.

Love the Rouse House, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Does God care about that?

house_for_sale__500_01Yesterday after church Mac, Grey, and I were riding around looking at a neighborhood we might would want to live in. This may seem odd for some people but this is totally normal for the Rouse House. We think it is fun to look at houses for sale and dream about what it would be like to live there.

Yesterday when we were riding around I asked the boys, “do you think that God cares where we live?” Immediately that both said no. Which honestly, was good for me to hear because I think that it is a sign that things like a house just aren’t that important to them. But Mac spoke up and said, “well, maybe. I think that God could put us in a specific house, in a specific neighborhood where people don’t know Jesus.” Grey quickly agreed, like he normally does when Mac speaks up.

My heart filled with excitement that this dream of missional living…being intentional with daily relationships and opportunities God puts in our way…is starting to grow inside these boys. I believe with all of my heart that if we, Christ followers, all made a conscious effort to think this way it could radically change a neighborhood, community, city, and the world!

For the Rouse House, we do pray often and ask God for a new home. To be clear it isn’t all super spiritual. We have some selfish request in what our house looks like, the size of the house, the schools our kids will attend, even down to we want the kitchen sink to face the living area not the window into the back yard. Please don’t judge. But we know that when God opens that door and gives us an opportunity to move into another home it is a grand opportunity to love and impact those he places around us. We can play a role in Jesus’ plan for rescuing those he loves!