The Rousehouse serves with the non-profit organization, Sole Hope, in Uganda. 


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Thousands of vulnerable men, women, and children in Uganda suffer from a crippling parasite called jiggers.

We aid Ugandan people to become jigger-free restoring health and hope for the future.


Offering HOPE, healthier lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases through education, jobs, and medical relief.

The heart behind Sole Hope is a heart given by God. We love Jesus and try to serve every day as He did offering HOPE to the hopeless. Every decision Sole Hope makes is one backed in prayer and we believe that action based on love and hope can change a nation.

What is a jigger?

Sole Hope is focusing on one problem the people of Uganda face daily. It may not be the biggest problem but it is a huge issue that impacts daily life for many people! 

A jigger (not the American bug, chigger) starts out so small it is nearly invisible. It burrows into a person’s skin and latches onto blood vessels. Within days the jigger swells to over 1,000 times the size it was while continuously laying eggs. Those eggs hatch, mature, and lead to an infestation.

The results of a jigger infestation is pain, itching, and infection. Children stop walking to school. Adults can’t care for their families. The elderly become captive in their homes.

Worst of all, due to widespread cultural beliefs, people infested with jiggers are often shunned for the “curse” painfully visible upon their body.

To learn more about how Sole Hope fights against jiggers please watch the video here on their website, Sole Hope


What does Sole Hope do?

Clinics – Each week we host a jigger removal clinic in a village or school. We wash feet, gather information, remove jiggers, bandage wounds, give each person a pair of shoes, and educate on how to treat and prevent jiggers.

Shoes – We make shoes in Uganda, by Ugandans, for Ugandans out of 98% recycled materials. These are close toe shoes that are durable and comfortable for jigger patients.

Education –We partner with the Ugandan government to promote our Zero Jiggers Campaign. People learn the truth about jiggers, how you get them, how to prevent yourself from getting them, and how to deal with them if you do get a jigger. Education and awareness is having a sustainable impact on people, families, and villages in Uganda.

Jobs – We want to provide sustainable income for our Sole Hope employees that are working hard to serve the people of Uganda. We currently have over 60 Ugandan staff working as tailors, shoemakers, nurses, cooks, guards, drivers, social workers, accountants, care takers, and more!

Sole Hope Center – The worst of the worst cases of jiggers usually require additional medical care. These patients come and stay at the Sole Hope Center. They receive treatment for jiggers, medical care, education, clean water, daily meals, counceling, and hope from our staff!


How can I get involved with Sole Hope?

  • Give financially
  • Become an Advocate
  • Host a shoe cutting party
  • Visit us by coming on an Experience Sole Hope trip
  • Apply to be a Sole Hope Intern


Visit Sole Hope at to learn more, watch videos, and see how you can be a person of hope.