New neighborhood, new school, new opportunities

IMG_4770So we made it through the first week of school! We have one child that loves school and misses it about half way through the summer (Mac). We have another that dreads the thought of waking up everyday and going (Grey). With them starting a new school we really didn’t know what to expect but so far so good. Grey, the one we worry the most about, came home from school the first day and said it was heavenly. After we picked our jaws up off the floor we asked him why. He said that his teacher was so nice and doesn’t give out homework or at least she doesn’t this first week of school. We are hoping that he still like her next week when she loads him up with homework.  Mac obviously loves it and is already making friends while he is trying learn who all is a “walker” and where they live.

Walker” – we do not use this term in the same manner as zombie like creatures from the show The Walking Dead even though this is exactly what comes to mind every time the boys tell me about a new walker they meet. Walkers are kids in the neighborhood that live too close to the school to be assigned a bus…they have to walk. Our kids are walkers and we think that it is the coolest thing. I tell people that it feels like we live in a storybook. Who walks to school with their neighbors! So cool!

While walking in the morning with our kids we spend time talking, praying for their day, and praying for our neighbors. We truly believe that God has great plans for this community, the school, and the people here, so we ask daily that He will do a great work among us. We also ask that God will give the Rouse House favor and influence as well as opportunities to love and serve those here. We know that influence will likely come as we have a chance to serve them more. We have been thinking about ways we can get to know others since that seems like the obvious first step in living missionally. This morning it hit me! Walk to school and talk to those we see along the way! Sounds simple enough but it actually works!

This morning after I left the boys I saw a family that was leaving for school too. They live on the corner  between our house and the school so we see them each morning. I have tried to talk to these guys a few times but they never seem interested…I still wave, smile, and say hey…Lara and I were joking the other day because I waive at everyone I see in the neighborhood. I told her I want to be known as the crazy guy that is constantly waving and saying hello…Back to this family on the corner. I saw that their fridge was sitting out by the street this morning. I asked if it broke and if they had another one yet but they don’t. I asked him if he would be interested in a new one if I could find it for him and with a big smile he said, “Oh yea. That would be great.” We then quickly introduces ourselves.

This little moment this morning may not seem like much but I know that it is a start. All great things in this world had to start somewhere and I believe that they probably started with a quick hello. The RouseHouse may have big dreams, passions, and prayers for this community but we know that we have to start somewhere. Today it could be simply helping a neighbor get a new fridge, tomorrow it could be cutting a neighbor’s yard, next month it could be coaching a boys club after school, next year it could be leading a small group through the bible in our home, and before we know it God can have done something amazing here in our neighborhood. Something that last for years and even generations as we focus on caring for people and their families. It is a HUGE as, even overwhelming when we think about all of it, but today we are just going to keep walking to school, smiling and waving, and being the kind of neighbor that Jesus would probably be until He says He is finished with us.

What kind of neighbor are you?

Do you know your neighbors by name?

What if we went out of our way to meet those around us and find ways to serve them? I would love for you to leave a comment on how you are going to meet and serve your neighbors!!!

Romans 15:2 The Voice 

Each of us must strive to please our neighbors, pursuing their welfare so they will become strong.

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