We are the Rousehouse. We are originally from Charlotte, N.C. but served in South Africa for a of couple years before moving to Uganda to serve the amazing staff at Sole Hope.  It is our heart to serve others and love them in a big way, the same big way that our Heavenly Father loves us.

We were those crazy kids who got married at 19 and we just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary in May. Mac, our 15 year old son is the crown of our life with his selfless, caregiving personality. Grey, our 12 year old is the joy in our days. His love is fierce and his whit is beyond his years. Ellyana is our 9 year old princess. She can turn any situation into a party and blessing to all of us.

Spanky and I have been in ministry since we were high school kids and have been blessed with the opportunity to serve in some amazing places with incredible people. From short term trips overseas to Brazil, Panama and Uganda, to the neighborhoods of our home city, to a move across the world. The Lord has been weaving a story of hope and faith as He has allowed us to have a front row seat to how He is building His church all over the globe.

We believe that we are created and called to love, serve, and care for people in need so that we can point them to Jesus! We also believe in building healthy Christ centred communities.

IMG_2308Come say “Hi” on Instagram and Facebook and follow us along in the journey. – Mac’s Instagram

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One thought on “Who is The Rousehouse?

  1. Hey guys are missions board spoke about you again today. We are praying to support you this December. Can you Mail us any literature? If not I can print off some things from your website.

    41 church st
    Stockton springs me 04981


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