We are the Rousehouse and we are from Charlotte, N.C. We moved this year to South Africa to a smaller city just out side of Cape Town. It is our heart to serve others and love them in a big way, the same big way that our Heavenly Father loves us.

We were those crazy kids who got married at 19 and are excitdsc_0334ed to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary in May. Mac, our 13 year old son is the crown of our life with his selfless, caregiving personality. Grey, our 10 year old boy is the joy in our days. His love is fierce and his whit is beyond his years. Ellyana is our 6 year old princess and she thinks she is in charge of everything. She can turn any situation into a party and has a slight amount of sass in her, but she is such a blessing to all of us.

Spanky and I have been in ministry since we were high school kids and have been blessed with the opportunity to serve in some amazing places with some incredible people. Spanky recently transitioned out of the home office of UWM as the Africa and Asia mobilizer as we prepared to move to South Africa. As a family we seeked to be missional in our neighborhood and at the elementary school where the kids went to, Piney Grove. We enjoyed the relationships we had in the community and loved having a front row seat to what God has been doing through our church’s partnership with Piney Grove over the past 5 years.

We are super excited about our families recently move to the mission field in September to work along side East Mountain. We feel like this is how the Lord wants the Rousehouse to, “Live a life that is worthy of the calling He has graciously extended to you” (Ephesians 4:1). We feel like this calling is God extending His grace to us. It is a privilege to serve alongside the other missionaries in this community as well as be a part of how the Lord is building His church all over the globe, especially in Africa, a part of the world we fell in love with many years ago. We are trusting in Him and praising Him for his goodness along the way. Stellenbosch wooden sign with vineyard background

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