End of year generosity

Biggest needs:

  • Better transportation (vehicle) for our family. We have a nice 4×4 car now but it is old and not made to weekly travel down the village roads therefore we are regularly fixing and replacing things on it. We need something that will be stronger and more reliable for this kind of travel we have to take weekly. ($3000)
  • Funds for staff investment opportunities like a Christmas party, monthly birthday celebrations, staff appreciation days, small groups and bible studies, and special needs that come up ($1500)
  • Funds for annual trip to the US for a time of refreshment, rest, and support raising. ($2500)

Ways to be praying for us:

  • Protection…physical, spiritual, and over our relationships
  • Increased favor with our staff
  • Strong community of friends and encouragers
  • For Sole Hope leadership as they lead us in a healthy direction for this next year
  • Wisdom in finding a new car
  • Healthy bodies
  • Encouraged hearts
  • Lara and kids visas to come through (Spanky received his work permit last week!!!)

How can you partner with us:

  • Pray Pray Pray
  • Have your church partner with us and Sole Hope through hands on events like shoe cutting parties and more. Sole Hope, Get Involved
  • Come visit us! or Bring a team to visit and experience Sole Hope and Uganda
  • Share with others. We would love for others to have the opportunity to be a part of this mission and Sole Hope www.rousehouse.org
  • Be generous. We need more monthly givers Give Monthly
  • Give a special gift to support this ministry here in Uganda Special gift

Thank you!


Just before the Christmas, Lara and I had the privilege of going on a well needed date during the day. We went to our favorite sushi spot, finished up some Christmas stuff, ran errands, and vegged out on the couch before going to bed before 9:30! My mom took the kids for the day and that was an incredible gift…My mom is amazing!

One of the most distinctive conversations we had during our time that day was while we were riding in the car to lunch. We were talking about the past year and all of the transitions and exciting new journeys. We didn’t get too far into the conversation before we realized how blessed we are to have a team of people who partner with us in life and ministry. It is truly remarkable how some of you bless our family over and over, month after month, and even year after years. Some literally sacrifice to support the Rouse House…unbelievable!

Our monthly or annual financial supporters are so much more than that to us. They are our team, family, and partners in this journey. Those of you who have and are sacrificing so much to give to us I want you to know just how much it means to the Rouse House. We really do feel supported and not just financially. We feel that you believe in us, love us, and care for us…That right there is worth so much more than money!

I know that words don’t always communicate the deep heart-felt feelings we all have some times but there is nothing else that comes to mind for the Rouse House when we think of you other than…THANK YOU! We so dearly love each of you and thank God every morning for you! God is just getting started with the Rouse House and we wouldn’t want to chase after any of it with out you. We hope that you have a since of (holy) pride and honor in knowing that God is using you to reach the nations with love and the good news of Jesus. Lives, communities, families, and entire countries are transformed because of you. From at risk children being taking care of in Latin America to church planting and discipleship in Africa to care for ex-sex enslaved woman in Asia, God is you through partnering with the Rouse House.

There is so much more that God has planned for our family and ministry. Some plans we know and many more that he has yet to show us. If you would like to hear more about what God is doing in and through our lives or how you can become apart of our ministry partner team, we would love for you to check out this link or shoot us an email. Thank you and God bless!