Visiting a missional community

IMG_3967Last week I went on a trip with a co-worker of mine to Athen, GA. If you are like me the only thing you know about Athens is that it is the home of the UGA Bulldogs and some of you may know Athens Church too. (this is a pretty great North Point and Ridge Church partner church) But there is something really cool happening in this college town that most don’t know about.  There is a movement happening, a movement of God and it has the potential to change the world!

The reason for our trip to Athens was to visit with some potential ministry partners of United World Mission. At UWM we love and live by the idea that we can reach the world with the Gospel and love of Jesus through partnering with other organizations, churches, groups, families, universities, etc. We love this concept of the “Church” working together so we all work trying to find and create new partnerships around the world.

In Athens there are a couple of really cool ministries or groups of people that are making a huge impact on missions by reaching international students on the UGA campus…the nations are coming to us! One of these partners that I was meeting with, Launch Global, is taking the idea of missional community and running with it! They are moving into neighborhoods, intentionally building friendships with internationals, and seeking out ways to serve them, love them, spend time with them, and share Jesus with them. Many in these groups are learning foreign language like Japanese and hanging out at Islamic centers! These people have devoted hearts for missions, the missions they are running after just happens to be their next door neighbor.

While I was there I had the opportunity to go to one of their weekly gathering where they study the bible, worship, and share stories of how they have seen God use them in the past week. POWERFUL! They then write every name on this large board of someone they are trying to make friends with or are disciplining. With 20+/- people who are a part of this group I read 143 names they pray specifically for each week. Some of these names were from some of the most unreached countries in the entire world. Places that you will be killed for speaking the name of Jesus. You want to talk about reaching the most unreached and loving those that are far from God, this group is doing it everyday!

My takeaways were seeing just how intentional this group were with their daily lives and using every moment and interaction to allow Jesus to shine through to their world. This experience was inspiring. Inspired me to consider how God wants to intentionally use me everyday to love this world and let others know who this amazing God is through my life.

Please pray for this Launch community as they love, serve, and lead others to Jesus! Also, pray that God will make you aware of the mission field that He has put in front of you today.

One thought on “Visiting a missional community

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