Many goodbyes and time to exhale


This morning as I walk to meet a friend for coffee I am reminded of all of the wonderful people the Lord brought into our lives. We have been blessed this year! The month of December was an emotionally taxing month as we had a lot of tough goodbyes. Many things about this journey are so wonderful but somethings are just sad and heavy. One of the not so joyful moments for us are all of the goodbyes. We know that it is necessary but never fun. The mountain tops aren’t made for regular living but preparation for the valleys. We all have to descend, get to work and do what we were created to do.

Our family learned that we don’t like to say goodbye so we say, see you later. This past month we said “see you later” to some really special people. Tori, Lara’s closest friend here in South Africa moved back to Nevada after finishing up two years here at East Mountain. Zuzu went back home to Port Elizabeth, South Africa to start university. Zack moved back to the Carolina’s and will be finishing up school while serving with East Mountain on a global level. The rest of the residents have returned to there communities, countries, and families as well. Let’s just say it has been a lot for our family but we are so excited to see all that the Lord is going to do with these amazing people!


The Holidays are serious business here in South Africa. EVERYTHING is closed from the middle of December until the middle of Jan. I mean everything! This is a time for family, relaxing, vacations, friends, braai, and travel. We took advantage this year and hit the road! First, we traveled 9 hours up the east coast to take Zuzu home. We also celebrated her 21st birthday with all of her family while in Port Elizabeth. We made sure to make stops along the way and see this beautiful country.

Christmas was relaxing and quiet at the Rousehouse. We had a chilled day together as a family and then some friends came for supper. The following day, which is Boxing Day, we hit the road again for another road trip.

Our good friends invited us to there beach house in Mossel Bay which is 4 hours from where we live. It was a breath taking, beautiful place to call home for the week. We played on the beach, ate delicious South African specialty foods, spent time just talking, stayed up late laughing, and enjoyed our selves tremendously. This was a blessing from the Lord and a great way to end 2018!


In early December Grey and Elly both had end of year performaces. As everyone knows, Elly is a phenomenal dancer and loves being on stage. This time was no exception. Grey isn’t as much of a performer and getting on stage to play his guitar was a stretch to say the least. He was AMAZING! He is the youngest student but has progressed so well that he got the part of lead guitarist. We were so proud of him!

Our “oldest”, Romero, got engaged just before Christmas to his girl friend, Desi. We love Desi and are so excited for the both of them. Please be praying for the planning and wedding preparations for them. They plan to get married in April this year.

Alechia is doing well and is enjoying her break from university. She will start back later this month to continue working on her Children’s Ministry Certificate. Please be praying for her housing needs at school for this upcoming year. img_1368

Elly also celebrated her 8th birthday at the beginning of the month with friends, cake, presents, and games! This girl loves a party!

Updates on December prayer request and Jan needs:

  • UPDATE: End of year giving – We are so grateful for those of you who were able to help us finish the year strong by giving a special gift to our family and ministry!
  • UPDATE: We are going to UGANDA on Jan. 18th! Our family is so excited to experience all the Lord has in store for us on this trip. We will have a specific prayer list and calendar posted soon for you to follow along.
  • Graduated Residents – UPDATE: Everyone has made it safe and sound back home. Be praying for the Lord to be preparing the hearts and lives of our new residents that move in Jan.19th
  • Pray for the Lord’s clear vision and direction for life and ministry here in Africa.
  • The selling of our car. Our car will NOT sell! UPDATE:Still hasn’t sold so we are starting to ask the Lord what else He may want to do with this vehicle.
  • I still need to get my Land Rover fixed from the accident I had last month. UPDATE: I just had a friend tow it in to the shop today. Praying for prices to be affordable or that they will just buy it as is from me.
  • The Lord’s continued work in our own hearts. He is speaking and moving and we don’t want to miss out.
  • Take Zuzu home and road trip – UPDATE: It went smooth and hassle free. We are grateful that it was a good trip.

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