Are you ready?

I love coaching individuals, couples and teams! I have seen how coaching ministry partners goes so well with my purpose and passions in life. I love encouraging, empowering, and walking with people through the different facets of life so they can live their life to the fullest. Life coaching gives me the skills to do it even better now.

Over the past 5 months I have been working through a program to becoming an Internationally Certified Life Coach. I have had the desire to do this for many years and due to the COVID-19 lockdown I have had the time, money and opportunity to do it remotely.

I am seeing how my coaching is helping me in every other area of work, ministry and life. From conversations with my children, to working with people on projects at work, to pastoral care ministry, I can use this powerful tool of coaching to have a greater impact.

Why Use a Coach?

The reasons people want coaching are endless, and as unique as the person. Here are a few examples that motivate people to use a coach.

“You will never maximize your potential in any area without coaching. It is impossible. You may be good. You may even be better than everyone else. But without outside input you will never be as good as you could be.” 

Andy Stanley, The Next Generation

  • To make significant changes
  • To better deal with uncertainty
  • To make better decisions To set better goals
  • To reach goals faster
  • To grow spiritually
  • To become financially more stable
  • To get ahead personally
  • To have a collaborative partner
  • To improve their relationships
  • To make a bigger impact on the world
  • To be a better leader
  • To simplify their lives
  • To reduce stress
  • To keep up with the speed of life
  • To address transitions in location and employment

Do you need a coach in life?

Are ready to chase a dream?

Are you looking for a fulfilling balance in life?

Are you wondering where your career is heading?

Are trying to transition in life or work?

Are you thinking about making a tough decision?

Are you looking for a break through in your business, relationships, health, or hobbies? 

I am currently looking to take on several more bi-monthly clients this month, so if you are interested please don’t hesitate to send an email to The first session is an exploratory meeting where you experience what coaching is at first hand and I get to hear what you want to focus on. This session is FREE! We will then make a game plan to move forward from here. 

I would love to meet in person, but I am also very comfortable with coaching via Zoom. I have almost 100 hours of Zoom coaching calls so far where real people have seen real results.

Reviews from my personal clients:

“Man, I don’t even like talking about my feelings and things like this, but somehow you brought it out. I feel really good now!” – Missionary

“You are really good at this stuff! I can’t believe I just shared all of that and now have a plan for the week.” – Pastor

“I seriously needed this! I was wondering what to do and how to get it all done. Last week we talked, made action steps and I was more excited to tackle this project than anything else I have done all year!” –Entrepreneur

“This is so helpful during my transition. I didn’t know where to start, but look at all I have accomplished these past couple months.” –Non-Profit Manager

“I’m not a very self motivated person, but over the past couple months I have made progress in my professional goals, worked through conflict with co-workers, and set up really good times to spend with my wife talking about the bible and life.”-Soon to be dad

“I have a lot of projects I want to start. I want to gain some mental clarity in life. I need to increase my income. I need the accountability and encouragement you give when we meet and I immediately feel like I can trust you. Thanks!” –Ministry Leader

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an ongoing conversation that empowers a person or team to fully live out God’s calling – in their life and profession. 

Coaching is expected to produce insights, greater personal awareness, changed behaviors, actions, and ultimately results that satisfy the client. 

Coaching is all about you…

The client leads the conversation with what is going on in their life, goals they are wanting to reach, change they are wanting to see, issues and decisions they are working through, and what is most important to them. 

The coach listens, ask questions, and walks with the client. 

What Coaching Isn’t

It’s not therapy. Although many of the communication techniques are the same, like active listening, reflecting, use of questions, limited advice giving, etc., therapy focuses on the past to bring healing and unblock a person to move ahead. Coaching is future and action-oriented, for people who are basically clear of psychological and emotional issues.

It’s not mentoring. Mentors are experts in a particular field who seek to pass on their expertise to a person. Mentors provide knowledge, advice, guidance, correction, and encouragement to people who are newer and junior—by experience if not by position or age. 

It’s not training. In training, the trainer sets the agenda. Change comes from outside the participant, via the trainer. In coaching, you set the agenda. Coaches use adult learning principles of self-discovery to motivate change from within you.

It’s not authoritarian. Did you have a tough sports coach who used to yell at you and make you do a million push-ups if you made a mistake? That’s not coaching. Your coach will push you beyond what you might think you can do, but will always be supportive. You are in control. The responsibility to decide and act is yours. 

Why Does Coaching Work?

Coaching works because it brings out your best – what God put in! As a Coach, I believe that you can figure out every answer to life problems but it is sometime helpful to have someone walk along with you. 

Specifically, this is what your coach will do during coaching sessions:

  • Listen. Your story is central. Coaches fully engage in what you are saying. They also listen to the Holy Spirit and encourage you to do the same.
  • Ask questions. Coaches use questions to stimulate your thinking and creativity. Questions are about possibilities and the future.
  • Encourage. Everyone needs encouragements, and usually we don’t get enough. Your coach will hold up your vision, your progress, and your efforts.
  • Facilitate while letting you lead. Coaches facilitate your learning and problem solving. Yet, they are never fully leading – you are, with your agenda and your approach. 

Let’s get started!

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