Rousehouse August Happenings

Sickness, kayaking, friends, birthdays, learning to drive, starting school and a baby named Spanky. This past month is full of stories and updates!

Update on Lara’s health

As some of you know, Lara felt sick this past month. She was extremely exhausted, having night sweats, chills during the day, no appetite, stomach pains, soreness in her neck and back, needing to take naps during the day (which is not normal), and was experiencing bad headaches. Thankfully so all of her blood work for the major concerns (Malaria, Typhoid, etc.) came back negative! She was advised to start another round of medicines for a common parasite called Bilharzia. I asked many of you to please be praying for her and you did. We received so many messages saying that you were stopping right now to pray for Lara. With in hours she started feeling better. Lara took a 3 day round of the nasty medicine used to get rid of this parasite and will follow up with 3 more days of the medicine next week. We are so thankful that she is feeling better and we are hopeful that after 1 more round of medicine these things will be gone for a while!

During these difficult times we are reminded again of the blessing it is to have an army of people that support our family. I was so grateful that I could ask many of you to pray for Lara and you stopped right then and went to the Lord for her. THANK YOU so very much!!!

Kayak Camp

Mac and Grey went to a white water kayaking camp for a couple of days in August, living in a town on the Nile River definitely has its perks. We spend a good amount of time in and around the water (hence Lara’s parasite) and the boys have been wanting to become more confident on the river. They learned how to handle a white water kayak, including how to lip and get out in the case of an emergency. They also learned how to SUP (stand up paddle board) on the river. They thought they were pretty great at it until Mom showed them up with her yoga skills. 🙂 The river is a relaxing place, but it is also very powerful and dangerous. I am thankful for the boy’s skills on the water and that they have the opportunity to enjoy life on the Nile.  

Elly and I eating breakfast in a tree house while the boys were at camp. 

Grey turns 13!

Grey’s birthday was on the 21st. He turned 13! All he asked for was to have a quiet day in nature, eat some blueberry cobbler, and enjoy a family dinner of ribs. So we did all of those things! Grey and I found a hike about an hour outside of town, through a pine tree forest along the banks of the Nile, ending at the Itanda waterfalls. It was magical for him and me as we walked through quiet, peaceful, beautiful and refreshing nature.

Elly living her best life!

Elly has enjoyed her summer break from school so much! She fills her weeks with sleepovers, swimming dates with friends, and meet ups at the local food park (The Hangout). 


Mac is practicing driving around town and learning how to drive a manual transmission. He is doing a great job but says that driving in America has to be so much easier than here! On top of all the normal driving skills you need to master when you begin driving, you also need to dodge the massive potholes, goats and cows in the road, children playing in the streets, and motorcycles everywhere. I think He might be right, but we are so proud of him for trying.  

Baby Spanky

Little Spanky

We have a wonderful lady named Josephine, that works at our house during the week. She has become family and we would not make it through the week without her! This month her sister traveled from the village to town to stay with Josephine and deliver her baby. One day she asked me what I thought they should name the baby and jokingly I said, “SPANKY!” We laughed and I thought nothing more about it. After the baby was born in true “Lara fashion”, she and Elly took Josephine shopping for all the things a new mommy might need and we went to meet the baby before he went back to the village. When we arrived we asked what they decided to name the baby. They said, “Spanky”! My jaw dropped and I said, “No, no, no Josie, I was not being serious. Please don’t call this baby Spanky.” Josephine said it was too late, everyone has already started calling him Spanky. Greyson believes that I have ruined this kids life forever. I am pretty sure we are the only two people in this entire country called Spanky and I don’t think I can’t anything about it now. Lesson learned, no joking about naming babies.  

This past month the Lord has given us many opportunities for ministry and serving people, from preaching to fitness trainer. If you missed our last post you can check it out here…Ways the Lord is using us this month

Please join us in praying for:

  • The kids and Lara started the 2020-2021 school year. Pray for the teacher and students to have a great year!
  • Please continue to pray for safety. Lord send your army of angles to surround us!
  • More awareness of the Lord and less energy given to the challenges of life
  • Praise for Lara’s healing 
  • Stable financial support during this time
  • Our friends, neighbors and church members that are struggling with finances and food during this time
  • Our families mental, emotional and spiritual healthiness
  • Spanky finished his Life Coaching classes and is now working on completing his coaching hours so he can finish the requirements for his International Certification

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