For those of you who are on our supporters email list you are very aware that we are leaving Uganda and heading back to the US. During this time I hear the same questions being asked. What are you going to miss about Uganda, What are you guys looking forward to the most in America, and What are you doing now? As a family the answers for the first two change slightly but we are all about on the same page.


  1. FRIENDS – we have a very good group of friends and close community in Jinja. We will miss our dear friends!

2. ROLEX – This is the most common street food in Uganda. It is basically a veggie omelette rolled up in a chipati. It cost about $.50 and they are delicious!

3. PEOPLE – The people are Uganda are so welcoming and nice to new people. They love to talk to you, say hello and host you. The culture is very warm and inviting.

4. WEATHER – We love the tropical warm temperatures and the breeze that comes of Lake Victoria and the Nile River. The temperature stays around the middle 80’s year round. Cool in the morning, warm afternoons, and nice to be outside every evening.

5. LANDSCAPE – We love the lush green bushes, tall pam trees, gorgeous flowers, and red dirt roads. It’s like being in a jungle.

what are you looking forward to in America?

  1. TACOS – hands down, this is one of the best things about America!

2. quiet peaceful sleep – We are so looking forward to the quietness and peacefulness at night time. In Uganda, there is always noises and things happening outside that regularly woke us up in the nights.

3. shopping – Going to the store, and having multiple options of where to shop, and being able to find exactly what I need. How wonderful!

4. INTERNET and ELECTRICITY – reliable and consistent internet service and power!

5. CLEAN CLOTHES – We had a wonderful lady named Josephine who worked at our house helping us with so much like washing clothes. We didn’t have a clothes washer so everything had to be done by hand. It was fine but nothing every seemed really clean nor dried.


This is a question that I have already answered a million times and am expecting to answer a million more. I’m not bothered by the question but I don’t have much of an answer which can be a bit scary.

We felt like the Lord told our family that it was time to leave Uganda but He wasn’t clear to us in what is next. The first 6 weeks or so it bothered me very much not knowing the answer to this question. I felt like I had to have this figured out before I returned. Recently the Lord has told me to rest and not worry about figuring this out. He has a plan already laid out for us and he will show us what is next.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

In many ways taking this step of moving back to America is a bigger step of faith than moving to South Africa or Uganda. This time, we do not have a plan, a house, cars, or a direction. What we do have is HOPE in the Lord and memories of His past FAITHFULNESS.

Please continue to pray for our family as we are transitioning. At this time we are in South Africa visiting friends, our church, and favorite places before heading back to Charlotte for the holidays. Pray for protection from COVID and smooth travel plans. Pray that we will see and know the steps the Lord has next for us.

We are excited to tell the stories of all the Lord is going to do in this next season of life!

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