Retreats, Pool parties, visits, and updates, Nov. 2018

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Stellenbosch 7599 South Africa

November in South Africa means you are planning for the holidays, having exams, looking towards next year, busy with lots of celebrations and getting excited for Summer.

Retreat weekend!

With the year coming to an end, Lara and I wanted to do something special for the residents that we have had the privilege of investing in and spending lots of time with this year. When we were on staff at Ridge Church we use to go on these amazing staff retreats. Lara said she wanted to do something like that and thought we should go all out in planning a trip like that. We booked a big house on the beach about 3 hours away, packed the car full of food, and invited all of the residents to come and let loose for the weekend. It was such a good time! We laughed, ate great food, danced until late, walked on the beach, and just spent time together. Mine and Lara’s favourite parts of this weekend were the one on one conversations we had with many of them and hearing how they felt like they were able to sit with the Lord and exhale. It’s been a long year and we believe this was the perfect way to celebrate with them.

The chefs and their omelette bar
Snorkelling in the lagoon
Feeling the summer vibes
Family dinner
Look what I found in Africa! They don’t play basketball nor have any idea what a TarHeel is
Zach and Spanky enjoying the ocean
The Crew!

Community Centre kids

With the school year coming to a close our programs at Heldervalley Community Centre are also coming to a close. We are so excited to see that some of our students have improved greatly this year in their studies. Kelly (on the left) went from 39th in her grade to #1! MacNeil (middle) had his father pass away a couple years ago and this year he lost his mom as well. Even with all of this in life he still improved and out performed most of the other students in his class. Having a people who invest in a life can make more of a difference than we even know! Louise, the lady we serve under at the centre, is doing a great job and we are praise God for her influence and leadership there.

We had a celebration party for the end of the year and invited all of the kids from the community centre out to East Mountain. They had a blast swimming (even if the pool was green), playing soccer and rugby, dancing to music, and eating hotdogs! It was a fun day!

Furey Fest 2018

We LOVE when people are able to visit us! At the end of the month we had our good friends the Furey’s come stay with us for 12 days. It was a busy, fun filled time of showing them around Cape Town and our everyday life. You can check out all that we did by clicking here (Furey Fest 2018).

Here are a few random photos and updates of life in South Africa for the Rousehouse:


As we are stepping into a role of partnerships here at East Mountain we get to meet with and learn more about ministries and people who are making a difference. Lara had the chance to have breakfast with one of these partners to hear more about their work…and hold some babies. She feel in love with them…and the babies! Her Voice is a local non-profit in a black township offering support to mothers physically, spiritually, and practically. Their vision is to see strong Christian mommies that are having a huge impact on their community. They are doing amazing things!

Mac is doing well! This kid loves life in South Africa, his youth group, riding his bike, coffee, and people! He is working hard on his studies from Liberty homeschool online and serving at church all the time. He is just awesome!

Grey is the easiest person ever. Nothing bothers him, he will eat anything, and he will go with whatever you want to do. In life he only needs a few things. Family, Matthew (his bestie), a book, and nature. His day usually consist of walking barefoot, being outside, reading book series, playing with the bunny, practising guitar, and watching Youtube. The slower pace of life in South Africa suits him well!

Ellyana is becoming her own person! She is opinionated, stylish, and has plenty of words to express her self! This girl is so much like her mom in the way that she is the life of the party! If there is no party she will start one!

As for Spanky, if you haven’t seen he has a new hobby. Click on the link here, Christmas came early,  to check out his early Christmas gift from a bunch of his friends back home in America.

Things to be praying for during December:

  • We are still in need of a few more monthly supporters to partner with us to help us accomplish all that the Lord has planned for 2019. Will you pray about being a monthly supporter or giving a special year end gift? To give you can click here,
  • We are still praying about going on a trip as a family to Uganda in January to work with some friends that we served with years ago. We have been wanting to do something like this for a long time and believe that it would be impactful for all 5 of us. There are lots of details to think through, so we are asking for wisdom, the extra finances to be able to join them, and the logistics of it all.
  • Be praying for our residents as they graduate from East Mountain and head back into their communities, cities, homes, and countries.
  • Pray for the Lord’s clear vision and direction.
  • The selling of our car. Our car will NOT sell!
  • I still need to get my Land Rover fixed from the accident I had last month.
  • The Lord’s continued work in our own hearts.
  • We are taking Zuzu, Lara’s mentee home next week and it is a 9 hour drive up the coast. PLEASE pray for safety and that all will go smoothly.


We would love for you to join us on Instagram and Facebook to see daily adventures, ministry sites, and family activities here in South Africa. – Mac’s Instagram

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