Ending 2020 and New Beginnings

It has been almost 1 month since we have arrived back home to Charlotte, NC and 5 weeks since we flew out of Uganda. After leaving Uganda we stopped over in South Africa to visit some friends, ministry partners, and our church there. Our time in SA was spectacular! We were reminded of what a beautiful place it is and that we have some pretty amazing friends there. We believe that it was highly beneficial to have this in-between time before jumping back into American holidays and life.

Christmas in America…In the few weeks since we have been back home, we have spent a lot of time with family, busy with Christmas preparations, holiday fun activities, and eating all of the yummy foods. We realized that we really missed a lot of the American traditions during the Christmas season.

Needing some rest…As much as we have enjoyed the month of December we are now starting to feel just how tired we are. Still processing the past few years, exhaling from all of the stresses over the past 18 months in Uganda, getting over moving across the world again (selling everything, packing into 10 boxes, preparing everyone, flights and plans, COVID issues, etc), and trying to figure out what is next for our family are just some of the things that have drained our energy. Thankfully we have a good place to land here with with my parents and we can take this month to rest and recover.

Whats Next…Our initial plan was to meet with all of our partners and supporters in January. We really want to take sometime to say a special thank you to each person that has supported us financially, prayed for us, visited us, and helped us in so many ways over these past few years. We also want to share stories of how we have seen the Lord at work! With all of the COVID junk we are not sure if we will be able to see everyone during this month. It might not be safe for you or our family therefore we will take our time in meeting with everyone. Our future plans aren’t exactly clear yet but we do have a few ideas. We promise to share with each of you what they are as it unfolds.

How can you help…In the next month we will let each of you know a few ways you can help our family get back on our feet here in America. We will be needing a house, a car for Mac (can you believe that he is 16 already!), furniture and household items so if you have any of these things lying around or would like to give us a lead on how to get them please let us know. There are also a couple other ways you can help us through networking that will help provide an immediate income for our family and with building my life coaching business over the next year. We can’t wait to share some of these details as they unfold this month. Stay tuned!

How you can Pray with us

  • Rest for our family
  • Healthy rhythms in life
  • Provisions of all sorts
  • Direction and wisdom for what is next
  • House – Where? Buy or Rent? When?
  • That we are people filled with HOPE daily

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