Never did I ever….

Entry Point Class April 2015Never did I ever think that I would be teaching and coaching others in support raising!!!

I remember just about 10 years ago when Lara and I went through our first training on how to raise financial support for ministry…we hated it! When we answered the call of God on our lives for missions and ministry we didn’t plan to be some of those weird radicals that ask other people for money to fund our ministry…just to be honest it is a little crazy! But lo and behold we found ourselves in a workshop called “Funding Your Ministry” and 10 years later we are still in the process of funding the work God has called us too through asking others to partner with us and financially give to our ministry.

For many years this has been a tough path. There has been times of tent making (cutting grass, selling insurance, bartending weddings, whatever I could do) and times of not enough. It feels like we have been through some “valleys of the shadow of death” and barely floating in the deep in of the pool. But on the flip side the RouseHouse has seen God move in radical ways, heard His voice clearer than ever, and experienced His faithfulness in some really crazy ways during these years…those of you (co-laborers/partners) that have walked with us through these years know some of those stories as well as we do. Mountain tops and supernatural moments that God could only do! Many highs and many lows. Many blessings and many scary moments. In these times the Word of God reads richer than ever, the Spirit of God is more present than ever, and My Father God is nearer than ever…don’t rush through or take advantage of the rough patches in life, it is God drawing you into His embrace.

Now to today…Never did I ever think that I would be teaching and coaching others in support raising!!! One aspect of my role at UWM is training and coaching new missionaries in how to raise support to fund the ministry. As I sit in my first training I am thinking to myself that if these people knew just how unqualified I am to be doing this I would either be fired or no one would be listening to me. To be honest I am not qualified but on the other hand God has been using my journey over the past 10 years to prepare me for this. Am I an expert? Have I figured this all out? HECK NO! But I have tons of experiences and stories of how to, what not to do, and just how awesome GOD is. This is why I decided I was going to share a part of my journey and somethings God had recently taught me when I was asked to lead the devotion before we began this weeks training.

When I was praying about coming on staff with UWM I knew that I was going to have to raise even more support than I currently was doing…it scared me tremendously! Fear took over but thankfully God got my attention. I had 3 questions come to mind and as I answered them through prayer and scripture I gained the confidence and assurance that I needed to keep moving forward. I believe that if ANYONE would answer these same questions for whatever journey or struggle you may face,  you will find the truth that can break open doors of fear, anxiety, and timidness! We can then walk in confidence and peace!

Is God able? Yes, He is exceedingly abundantly able! Ephesians 3:20

Is God good enough? His promises of “good” are littered through out my life everyday(just take a minute to look around). Psalms 31:19

Do I trust him? This is the REAL question when raising support…and for everything else in life! It was the divine hand of God that the first bible verses my mom taught me as a child are Proverbs 3:5-6

It is worth it! Support raising is worth it. When I look back over the years we are able to see that our God has done amazing things in our lives. Even though some days are tough we know that this life style forces us to live by faith which by the way is the only life Jesus says is worth living, and it allows the RouseHouse to be partnered up with some really amazing families, friends, churches, and people to equip Christian leaders, establish healthy churches, and engage in holistic ministry among the nations (and here in Charlotte)!  We are extremely grateful for every single person that partners with us, the RouseHouse, through giving financially, praying for us, and encouraging us to keep going! You guys are the real heroes of faith!

If you would like to know how you could partner with the RouseHouse or what kind of mission opportunities we have available please let us know! We have attached giving info below and to know ways you can be praying for us or serving alongside us please visit us at Will you…

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