I don’t have any money to pay for this healing….


I received this update from a missionary that I get to work with that is living and working in China. It blessed my heart and made me question how big is my faith in my God. He is still able to do the impossible and He is still at work today!!! Prayer is a powerful gift that the Father is just waiting on us to use because He knows that it is an opportunity for His power and glory to be on display. 

The elderly woman’s joy faded into panic as she anxiously told us that she could not pay us for the healing she had just received.  We had met her only moments before as she sold snacks to travelers at a rest stop.  She was walking with difficulty, and we offered to pray for her. As we prayed, the pain in her legs caused by rheumatism disappeared!  While praying for her legs, we noticed she had a hearing aid in her left ear and we asked if we could also pray for her hearing.  She told us she had been completely deaf in her right ear since she was a child and that she had very little hearing in her left ear due to a burst ear drum that hadn’t healed. We prayed for her again, and her right ear Immediately opened up! After more prayer the hearing in her left ear became more and more clear. Because Tibetan monks charge for their spiritual services, she thought we, too, would want her to pay. When she told us she had no money to pay, we told her that it was Jesus, the creator God who loves her, who had healed her and it was completely free. A huge smile crossed her face, and she began to cry as she thanked us and thanked Jesus. We encouraged her to call upon the name of Jesus regularly because he created her and loves her. As we got back in our vehicles to continue our journey she walked away smiling with her hearing aides in her snack basket.


This is just one of the amazing things God did during my recent trip to a Tibetan area in our province.  Ours was one of seven teams made of up other missionaries and visiting ministry school students that participated in this outreach, and each team had incredible testimonies of salvation and healing.  We are so thankful for the way God is demonstrating His Kingdom among these unreached peoples!

What are you praying for and how certain are you that He is able?

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