Donor relations and joy don’t usually go hand in hand

This will be my first time writing a blog about a co-worker but I feel that this person deserves it! Karen Judson at UWM is our Donor Relations representative and she loves it! One of Karen’s main roles is to communicate with the donors of missionaries and the US staff on a regular basis. Daily she is on the phone encouraging those who are supporting the work of UWM and she is so good at it! Karen finds joy in hearing what God is doing in these donors lives (sometimes it is not good stuff like financial hardships but she finds ways to be uplifting) and looks for ways to bless these individuals in each conversation. If you ever call into the office she will make sure to pray for you before you hang up! If I was you I would call to say hello and meet Karen!


Karen is one of the most joyful people that I have ever meet! Karen has a big personality and I would say she has been given the spiritual gift of JOY for sure. Everyone loves Karen because her joy and because it is so contagious. When I come into the office she makes a point to come around the corner to say, “Hey Spanky!” or “What’s up man!”. Makes me smile every time.

The other day Karen came in to the office with extra bounce in her step. During prayer time she shared how she woke up thinking about how it is such a blessing to come to work…that is not normal BTW. There are actually people that love waking up and going to work! Karen shared that as she drove in she was reminded by God that she isn’t just going to work but going to her ministry. Have you ever seen someone doing a job and think, “God created them for that specific role”? That is how we all feel about Karen in her role here at UWM and we are so thankful for all that she does to make this an amazing place to serve!

Karen you rock!

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