Off to the races!

This year is off to a fast start with a ton of really cool things in the making!

Billy and I at the gate of one of the largest Buddhist temples in Bangkok, Thailand

I feel like I am starting to pick speed and understanding with my job and ministry roles at United World Mission. I don’t feel as much like the new guy who has no idea what is going on, which is very comforting. Since I returned home from Thailand (I will be writing some more about my time and experiences there later on) I have a deeper sense of who our field missionaries are and what we are doing in the way of work/ministry. In my first couple of months I felt a bit lost trying to catch up on who and what is going on around the world but now feel like I have a better handle on things…at least in Asia because I went to the Asia Conference. I am planning on writing up some stories and bios in the next few weeks on these unbelievable people who I get to serve with in Asia so be on the look out for those.  You will want to know all that God is doing among some of the most unreached, really cool stuff.

Now I am looking to learn my African fields and missionaries so I can best serve them. In getting to know some of our leaders in East Africa via Skype I have been reminded how much I love Africa! Talking with them over the past couple weeks has spark so much excitement and conversation in the Rouse House about serving in Africa again together soon. We just can’t get away from the cool God stuff that is happening and could happen in that wonderful place. We will see what God has in store in the days and years to come.1_152853_1

At home in Charlotte, I have been able connect with so many people from around the country that are interested in missions. I LOVE this part of my “job”. I get to talk with people about the passions, calling, and conviction to “GO” that He is putting in their hearts. My role is to encourage and coach them on when, where, how, and what…all radical life changing decision with radical world-changing possibilities. Some may wonder, as I did in the beginning days, how I am impacting the nations by not living overseas and being a field missionary. My answer today is, I may have one of the biggest impacts because I am apart of sending, training, preparing, encouraging, and inspiring ordinary people to go do extraordinary God work around the globe. That is absolutely THRILLING for me to think about!

this is the awesome team I get to work closely with…minus our fearless leader, Mark

I am also involved in some team development, Expansion opportunities (Opening up new countries or creating new ministries opportunities…this is so fun!), and Partnerships (local churches, ministries, organizations, etc). I love the flexibility to learn, grow, and be developed so that I can find what my sweet spot is and work with in my wheel house. UWM is a GREAT place to serve and work! I really do believe that I am so blessed!

As always, The Rouse House is extremely THANKFUL for each one of you that pray, support, and give to us so that we can do what He has called us to and be who he has created us to be!

If you would like to know how you can partner and support the Rouse House please click here. We are asking God for a handful of people to help fill the $500 a month need in our support raising budget so that as a family we can take advantage of more opportunities to serve in missions. We would love for YOU to pray and consider joining us.

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