Fun in the sun

Last Saturday we saw the weather forecast for the next day and it looked beautiful. Still a little chilly but warmer than normal and full of sunshine! If you don’t know, the Rouse’s do not enjoy the winter months! It is almost torture for us mostly because we just hate being cold all of the time. Along with the cold we hate having to be inside all the time. Since it is cold outside we stay bundled up inside which can make us a little crankier than normal.

The Rouse House picnicking Romare Bearden Park downtown CLT

**Before all of you northern folks start in, we know that our winter isn’t as bad as most but it is cold enough for us. We realize that we are big babies so no need to comment ;)**

Last weekend the forecast was warmer than normal and with a whole lot of sunshine, therefore we planned to be outside as much as we could. After church Lara, being the most awesomeness wife and mommy, planned for us to have a picnic at one of our favorite parks which is downtown Charlotte (our whole family loves this city and loves being downtown so we do so as much as we can). It was such a good time! We ate lunch on a blanket, people watched (a favorite pastime for Lara and I), kicked the soccer ball around, cuddled, laid out on the grass, played a game of freeze tag, walked to find coffee (no coffee though, everywhere was closed! not the best part of the day), and laughed a lot.

Between the warm sunshine and family time this was just about as perfect as it can get! I like to say it was like good medicine that just refreshes every part of me. These are the times that are priceless and make the best memories.

One thought on “Fun in the sun

  1. As a northerner by birth, I do think CLT winters are mild, but I STILL GET COLD TOO!!! I am definitely a baby and that is one reason why I wanted to move here. 🙂 Also, I was super fortunate to meet the Rouse Family!! You guys are amazing people. 🙂


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