Broken and heavy hearts

Just want to let you know that I will not be posting pictures of our missionaries because many of them are in places that are hostile to the Gospel and believers. Thanks for understanding. 

I am sure I will have quit a few stories and blogs come out of my time here in Thailand. It is an amazing place and I have been privilege to be with some amazing people, hero of the faith really.

During the first couple days of being here in Thailand I sat with some of our missionaries that are serving all over Asia. My goal was to get to know them, hear their stories, encourage them, and see how I can best serve and resource them. It didn’t take but a few conversations to know that the life of a missionary is not an easy one. I knew this but still thought that they were always happy and joyful because they are walking with the Lord. Made sense to me until I saw and heard what life really is like as a missionary in some of the darkest places in the world.

Our second morning here we had a time of prayer and worship. These times were so incredible, even though there was no special lights, super talented worship leaders, and sound systems. Don’t get me wrong I love and value all of those things on a Sunday morning when I am at y home church. There is just something special about the simplicity and authenticates of worship when you get to travel to other places in the world.

During this time I couldn’t help but to have a heavy and broken hearts for the people in that room. A people that are living in some extreme areas with little to nothing but their worship was joyful, inspiring, almost overwhelming with excitement for God. As they stood with their hands lifted, knees bowed, and spirits in tune to the Father I stood speechless and tearful in the back of the room. I realized that this group of faithful believers knew what it meant to trust in God and live on mission. It was lie they were begging for the Spirit to come and flood them…and they were expecting for that very thing to happen.


God I beg that you will allow me to know what it is like to have such a relationship with you. One that I search for in my every moment and experience in whatever circumstance of the day.

Will you PLEASE be praying for those who are serving the Lord and literally sacrificing their life for the name of Jesus to be known! There is a real battle in this world between light and dark…as the body of Christ we can all play a role.

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