Paradise in the eyes of a 5 year old

Earlier this week when our family was going through our night time routine getting ready for bed Grey said the funniest thing. It seems like everyday he says something funnier than the day before. For example, Grey heard a commercial about the presidential race and about 5 minutes after the commercial had gone off he turns to me and says, “How is Obama wasting all of our money? Is he giving it away to someone?” Half asleep and drinking my first cup of coffee I responded back, “ah ah…I don’t know but I wish he would give me some more. ” Grey, “Me too.”
So back to the funniest thing our 5 year old has said this week other than commenting on Obama’s handling of the economy…
We were reading as a family in the boys story bible about the Garden of Eden. When we got to the description of the Garden, Mac (8 years old) explains to us what the word “paradise” means.
Mac, “Paradise is a wonderful place where everything is perfect…”
Grey pipes up before Mac can finish his very sincere definition of the word paradise and says with all seriousness and no smiles, “Oh, you mean like Monkey Joes.”  – For those of you who don’t have the privilege to know what Monkey Joes is, it is a indoor play ground with a bunch of  blow up bounce house type games and an arcade.
Lara and I busted out laughing so hard while Grey keep saying, “Serious guy it is like paradise!”
So the next time you go to Monkey Joes keep in mind that it is as close as you will ever get to knowing what the Garden of Eden was like…paradise.

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