Aren’t we all busy?

Sometimes I find myself eating, praying, and emailing in my car just so I can save time going from one place to another. Isn’t it normal to be this busy and more? It’s ok if it’s good stuff like ministry, right? I sat with a good friend, Patrick Mitchell, yesterday and we happened to be talking about this very thing, the “busyness of life”. The funny thing is that we try to get together more often than we do but we are so busy doing great things that it doesn’t happens that often.

“Busyness keeps us task focused and task will always be more urgent than people. But if we are going to stay on mission, people must always be more important than task.” – Joel Thomas, Lead Pastor of North Point Community Church

I happen to read Patrick’s blog that he wrote yesterday too. I feel like it explains how we should truly be living not what it so many times the true reality. Enjoy Patrick’sblog, Renown, and enjoy this life don’t just live it!

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