I don’t even know her name…

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Catalyst conference. This is a life changing experience for everyone who attends, so go! God spoke, God moved, God revealed, and I am left wondering how am I going to respond to it all. I will definitely write a couple other blogs on all of the things I feel He revealed and spoke to me about but for today I want to just begin sharing a new passion that is burdening my heart to a level that scares me to death.

Sexual abuse and trafficking. This horrible act on humans especially little girls and young woman is the second largest money making industry in our world today. I can hardly hold it together when I think about this while I just sit here. I simply googled it and found pages of statistics and I hope that these don’t sit well with you but overwhelm you to a point of action.

  • 2.5 million people world wide are enslaved at this very moment
  • 1.2 million of these victims are children, usually girls ages 7-19
  • 95% of these victims are physically abused regularly
  • Estimated global profits from human trafficking is $31.6 billion annually
  • In the US there is over 100,000 sex slaves, most of these are children
  • The average age of a person that is victimized by sex trafficking is 9 years old
  • In Charlotte, NC as of today 15 people have been identified as victims of sexually trafficking and 8 of them were children.
  • the average life span after entering sex trafficking is only 7 years
I had no idea…this is a BIG deal! Little girls all over this world and right here in my city are facing this nightmare day after day and night after night. What are we going to do about it? THIS CAN”T GO ON! “Is there a little girl out there right now praying for me to come rescue her?” is what keeps running through my head and pounding on my heart.
Just now thinking about her, them, tears are puddling on the keyboard of my computer. I don’t even know her name, there names, but I know God has created me to rescue, love, and be apart of His redemption in their lives. Now learning about this how could I go on with my life and not stand up and do something. What? I don’t know but I have to keep trying to figure out what I can and should do.
James 2:14-26, Unless your faith is accompanied with works it is fake, dead, nothing. So what are you, me, going to do to be Christ to those who are needy, poor, hopeless, homeless, helpless, thirsty, and praying for a miracle…praying for YOU to come be their miracle.

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