Providential Relationships Are The Real Miracle

I remember the immediate anxiety that filled my heart when God whispered to me and Lara that we were to raise support…for those of you that aren’t familiar with this term “support”, it means to fund raise for your personal income instead of the typical salary based income…so that we could serve in a full time in ministry. That was almost 5 years ago and yes it still scares the life out of me some days.

Lara and I were driving home one night a couple of weeks ago and we began talking about how crazy it is that the Lord has and currently is providing for us and our family through the financial support of other people. Literally we live off the generosity of others! Believe me we completely recognize the favor of God and His constant blessings but think about it, your entire income depending on the generosity of others and their obedience to the command in Scripture to give. I can sense the anxiousness rising up in me just thinking about it now.

As we drove home that night, Lara and I talked about how insane we must be, but we found ourselves remembering the miracles God has performed for us and the weeks, months, and years He has provided greatly for us through a relatively small group of people in a less than stealer economy //Truth: He is always faithful in providing the ‘mana’ for the day. It’s still so stinking hard to live by faith many, many days!  And we find our selves praying, “God, can’t there be an easier way, maybe the lottery?!?!”…but for me there is that thing deep down inside that I know is the Spirit of God saying, “I’ll take care of it, all of it. Stay focused, eyes on Me(God). Secured and safe salary or not I got this under control”

We have been able to experience God’s presence and His provisions for us in a way that I am sure we would have in no other way been able to intimately know of. The biggest ‘win’ for the Rouse House in support/fundraising is having the privilege to be the recipients of some truly gracious people. Many who have sacrificed greatly, done without so we may not have to, and given in joy in ways that honestly seem like a miracle directly from God Himself. Our lives and our children’s are being impacted in such ways that we will never forget and that will shape our faith inside of so we may fully become who our Heavenly Father wants us to be. Providential relationships, life is no good with out them!

Two things make a relationship providential: when we hear from God through someone and when we see God in someone. When either of those things happens, our faith gets bigger. Isn’t it true that when we see God’s faithfulness in someone else’s life, it is easier to trust him with ours? That’s the power of a divinely ordained relationship. – Andy Stanley

Thank you to all of you who have been the miracles makers and answers to our prayers! 

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