Give and Serve…1 year

One year ago last week we began a partnership that would change and impact many people, many families, a school, a church and possibly an entire community. The very first event or service project we at Ridge Church,  did with Piney Grove Elementary was give away 650 book bags ( Read more about last years Book bag give away )  filled with school supplies at the schools open house in 2011. This was an awesome time being able to provide for the needs of so many families as well as give us at Ridge Church the opportunity to begin relationships with parents, students, teachers, and school staff.

This year at Piney Grove’s Open House Ridge Church did more than just bring a bunch of school supplies. We brought the fun! Our goal was to remove the excuses parents may have to not come to open house, and bring some excitement about school to the minds of the children. We know that if parents and teachers can start off the year well and meet face to face, which may not always be the case, there may be a better opportunity to have a successful year. So, at open house we had hundreds and hundreds of pizzas for dinner, cotton candy and snow cones for the kids (and many adults, yum yum), games, candy, and plenty of smiling faces to welcome everyone back to school.

Families were having so much fun…maybe because they were eating as much pizza as possible before they had to leave…that they stayed and hung out. It really felt like a community festival not a elementary school’s open house. Some of the school staff said they have never seen families have such a good time at school nor a church that would do all of this voluntarily. I had a couple of the school administrational staff come to me saying, “why?…thank you!

I had a special opportunity to talk with the principal of the school and after a big hug and the fighting back of tears she said,”I can not believe all that you guys keep doing for the school and the families here. Every time you come out you amaze me! Last year when we talked and you told me all of the plans you guys had for Piney Grove I…well it seemed really good but…”

Me, “you didn’t believe us, I knew it and I am glad you didn’t because we got to show you.”

Principal, “your right I didn’t and you have proven a lot. I know now that this message you guys want to preach at your church, well you show it and I could believe something like that now after watching you guys this past year.”

Wow! What an impact a year can make on a community by a group of people simply giving and serving. Can’t wait to see what is in store for this year! God is at work but sometimes it takes a lot longer for us to see Him working…but He is working.

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