First and Last

This time of year brings many memories and emotions for most Americans. For me it reminds me of a special time in my life and a special night. On July 3, 1999 I had a date with a girl that was so much different than me but so special in many ways. This date would change my life and be my last first date, FOREVER!

On July 1 I was at home reading my bible, this had to be a God thing because no 17 year old boy is reading his bible at 11pm during the summer time. So… I was reading the bible and found a piece of paper with a girls name and number on it with a date of many many months earlier on it. Here is where the natural actions of a 17 year old bot comes into play. I texted this girl “Hi”, and yes I said text. Back in the good old days we didn’t have cell phones but we had pagers and I have no idea why we did to be honest. Back to the story…I texted “Hi” and she quickly sent me a message back. We then engaged in a conversations using short text back and forth for over an hour…crazy kids! The next night we happened to run into each other at a church softball game and there we set up a date for July 3.

We went out on a typical teenager date but then we drove around. That’s what I remember, driving all over Charlotte and just talking. We seemed to really enjoy just talking and getting to know each other. I never saw this coming but I experienced the best date ever that night. Lara and I have had many great dates since then but I find my self reminiscing over that night often. That was the the night that I fell head over hills in love with the girl that one day would be my wife, mother of my children, best friend, partner, and the one that could complete who I am suppose to be in this life. Thank you God for sending to me the girl that would become the love of my life! #blessed to have her!

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