A Father’s Love

For those of you who know Greyson my 5 year old son you have to read what he says with his fun little voice in mind because there is no way I can spell as he speaks. 

One of the highlights for our whole family is when we go to the beach for our big family vacation and get an icee on the beach. There are these carts that people push up and down the beach that have the Italian Ice icee but the one we like has all kinds of flavors. Mango is mine and Grey’s favorite! There is only one brand that we buy because it is amazing and all of our kids can tell which cart to go to. One day Greyson was eating lunch later than usual and he got out to the beach a little too late and the icee cart we like had pasted about 15 minutes earlier. There was another brand literally sitting right in front of us but he said he really would like the other one. I asked him if he would be willing to walk all the way down the beach to find the other one. Of course he said, “sure!” So off we went, just me and Grey.

After about 5 minutes of walking in the soft, unstable sand because the tide was almost in, I could tell he was tired and not really enjoying this anymore.
Me, “Hey, Grey you want me to carry you on my shoulder? I think we might be able to get to the icee cart a little faster that way.” Grey, “Only if you want me to.”
 So there we went as fast

as I could walk carrying this 38lb little boy while he gave me an update about every other minute of how much closer we were getting. He said he could see better than me because he was up “more higher”. Finally after 20+ minutes of walking we reached the guy just as he was waiting for the truck to come pick him up. Grey got the along waited icee but before he did he he had to say to the teenager pushing the cart, “What?! no mango flavor. Seriously.” Even though he had to settle for cotton candy flavor I am pretty sure he enjoyed it.

I asked Greyson if he wanted to start walking back or sit down to eat the icee first and he said, “I think that we should wait so you don’t get too exhausted. I’m kind of heavy you know.” So I sat in the edge of the water and Greyson sitting in my lap enjoying every drop of that cotton candy icee. I told him that I love spending time with him because he is my blessing and I love him so much. Grey let me know that alone time with me was one of his favorite things in the whole wide world too, so we should do it more. This is a snapshot in life that I will hopefully never forget.
Close to an hour had passed and we had returned back to the rest of the family and my grandmother said, “Now that’s real love.” I thought to myself, yea of course I love my son and I want to do what it takes to make him have a great time at the beach and that’s just part of being a dad. After thinking more about that statement, “Now that’s real love”, I have been pondering all that my Heavenly Father has and is doing for me, His son.
God is constantly loving on me, working things out for my good, giving me good gifts, leading me in the right ways, and carrying me through my days and all of this just because He loves me and wants to bless me. I truly LOVE each of my children and wife more than anything else in this whole wide world. Other than Jesus there is nothing more important to me each day than them and their happiness but this is just a speck in comparison to how much we all mean to God and how much He loves us. The Heavenly Father’s love for us is immeasurable in size and unimaginable in depth but completely available and satisfying to all!
If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! Matthew 7:11

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