Both Hands

I know that you have heard those stories before too. The ones that make something in side of you leap, your heart melt, and passion overflow. Today I meet with a friend that went to Uganda with us a couple years ago and he shared one of those stories…he and his family call it “LIFE”. 

After returning 2 years ago from Uganda Matt and Kim felt the Lord leading them to adopt a child from Africa not because they are unable to have children, they have 3 of their own, but because God called them to stand up for the needed of this world. Matt, Kim, and their children know that as Christ followers we are to love and take care of the orphans.  As they have learned it can take a long time and it is extremely expensive to adopt one precious boy or girl from Ethiopia, so they decided to just go ahead and take home siblings. They are leveraging all that God has given their family to change the lives (forever) of 2 children that have been discarded. Heros of the faith!

It is going to be just a little bit longer until they can bring these beautiful children home but until then…

Matt and Kim partnered with an organization call Both Hands to make a difference in a widow’s life and her 4 children. They took James 1:27 serious, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” I would love for you to read about this project and watch the short video showing the work they did… and did all in the name of Jesus! I would also encourage (implore!) you to support them as they are still in need of $15K more for their adoption.

What if we all took the responsibility to stand in the gap for a life like an orphan or widow. You could be someones miracle that they are waiting on, YES even you.

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