30 Days Fasting Snacks

For the month of May a group from our church have been fasting. We called it Advance 30. Over the past 30 days we have been doing what we believe is one of the most powerful things we can do to advance His Kingdom. Fasting, praying and declaring our dependence on God. Some did a straight liquid fast, some did no dessert, some no coffee, some no meat, some no tv, and the list goes on. There is one fast or one person fasting that has made the biggest impact on me. My son, Mac chose to fast all snacks for the 30 days. Let me remind you that he is only 7 years old.

Just before this big fast I had done a 3 day fast and it was really interesting to him. He asked a ton of questions over those 3 days. When we announced that we were calling our entire church to a fast he decided to do this on his own. We did not in anyway encourage or push him to do this. We really thought he was kidding and would never really do it, this boy likes to eat if you didn’t already know this, so going with out is no joke. When I was telling him about the different kinds of fast I explained the David fast of no meat and his response was, “NOOOOOO way! That would be crazy!” As some of you may remember at Mac’s 5 year old doctor check up he was asked what is your favorite food and he responded with, “MEAT! and lots of it.”

Many days he would come home and tell us that during snack time at school he would just sit there and pray to God instead of eating like everyone else. Can you imagine this 7 year old sitting there while all of his friends are eating and praying. Most of us wouldn’t be able to do that. I asked him what he prays about and he said, “I pray that God will help me to know him more and for my friend at school that I am not sure if he knows Jesus.” I was impressed that Mac wanted to fast but now he is praying that he can know God more and he is praying for his non-christian friends! I have said this over and over but I truly believe that God has His hand on this boy and is going to use him to make a huge impact on this world.

It has been 30 days and he said that he was going to even do one extra day just to finish out the end of the month since May has 31 days.  Lara and I are so thankful that we get to be apart of this amazing little boys life and that we get to experience what God is doing in his heart everyday.

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