Going through the fire


There is a price to pay for being in ministry, becoming the leader God wants me to be, and living out the purpose for which God created me for. In Daniel Chapter 3 we see that these 3 friends had to pay a price too. In the end it was sooo worth it but during the process many times it was unbearable and hopeless. It  took a really BIG faith in God, Really BIG courage, and an understanding of God’s character to stay the course. They knew that God was for them and that He had control of every step and every breath (Daniel 5:23) of their lives so they could rely on God even when things got “heated”. (Daniel 3:17-18)images-3-2

Just to be honest I never realized just how tough and taxing the “job” of being in ministry was until now. It can seem like it’s killing you but I’m not alone.Elijah, Moses, and Jonah all found their selves in situation that God had allowed them to be in that seemed too difficult to handle. This life is hard but completely worth it!

I listened to a podcast the other day of Perry Noble, pastor of New Springs Church, talking about going through the fire. He was talking about the benefits Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego received from  going through this, what would normally seem like a horrible experience. He made one point that has stuck in my heart. When in the fire you recognize the presence of God like never before. Here is the thing, His presences is bigger than my problem and more powerful than the fire! When going through the fire, if we ask for and look for His presence we will be able to walk out the other side and probably walk out better than how we entered. “Seek the Lord and His strength. Seek His presence continually.” Ps 105:4


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