images-3I now feel like I am an expert at dealing with skunks. If there is one thing that I wish I knew nothing about it is how to take care of the smell of a skunk in your house. We have studied, googled, and researched everything there is to know about skunks and have learned that these beast are the spawn of Satan.

Saturday a week ago at 3:45am we were woke up from a deep sleep with the most horrible smell ever. I can only describe the smell of fresh skunk spray as chemicals, rubber, and garlic burning. We were literally vomiting in our months as we walked around the house trying to figure out what was going on. We went outside trying to get some fresh air we found our neighbors getting in their cars at 4am and leaving. Believe me you never want to experience this smell in your life, especially in this close proximity! Through this awful experience we have learned a few things that we feel obligated to share with you so IF you ever get this “opportunity” you will know what to do, and I pray this never happens to any of you!
Everyone we know had a suggestion or remedy…and we tried them all. So here they are:
Bath in tomato juice
diluted Clorox in a spray bottle
white vi
air fresheners
move out
washing your cloths multiply times
baking soda
windows open
keep spot lights on to prevent the return of a skunk
cups of coffee grounds sitting out
cups of bleach
air purifier
humidifier full of bleach and sir freshener
shampooing carpets
sitting furniture, rugs, and linens outside for days to air out
fogging the air duct system
cleaning the coils and fans on your hvac unit
We have tried all of these but unfortunately we still have a stinky house so if this ever happens to you, just burn it all down. Everywhere you go, every piece of cloths that you wear and even your wallet, phone, and Chapstick will have the god-awful stench for weeks. There isn’t much relief or hope so you just have to pray and try not to loose your mind. I have tried to rest in the fact that He works everything out for my good and that I am so blessed in this life by a loving God. I have a great family, generous mom and dad, supporting church family, and an opportunity to serve the Lord and other people with my life! So what if we stink, right!

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