Teacher Appreciation

As you all know this year I have been focusing much of my time on this community project with Piney Grove. We have been able to serve the families and staff of this school in many life changing and impactful ways. Loving and serving for the purpose of His fame in this community!photo-24-2

Last Wednesday it happened again and we weren’t even expecting it. We were able to bless the teachers and staff at Piney Grove Elementary in a simple but powerful way. Last week was teacher appreciation week so we thought we would do a little something for this amazing staff, they truly are amazing too. **From their mouths, “we are called to this and there is nothing we would rather do than teach these children that don’t have much help or hope.”** We completely under estimated the effect it would have on these teachers and us. It was a simple breakfast and lunch done up in an exceptional way that touched their hearts.

“You have no idea what this does for these teachers, to know that a group of people really care about them and this school.”

“We never get anything special here, this is a real treat!”

“LOVED not having to make my breakfast and lunch this morning!”

“We really feel loved today. Thank you!”

“We are not allowed to leave school for lunch, so to get a special lunch like this is great!”


“WOW you are have been here all day serving us?!?!”

“Can you guys come back every week? We love having you guys here.”

To top it all off we left 4 gift baskets full of candy, chocolates, snacks, sunglasses, pins, markers, etc. I can only explain what happened when we brought them out by referring to what happens when you bring out a bag of candy in a third world country and the kids spot it. It was like Christmas for these teachers and I found out why from my contact at the school. She told me that NO one has ever gone this over the top and done something like this for the staff at Piney Grove Elementary, and we really didn’t do much we thought.

As we were leaving that day I got multiple high fives, hugs, smiles, and Thank You’s which leaves me thinking of how big of an impact this day is might be on the teachers but also the children they care for each day. We will never know the fullness of our serving and giving to this community but we know the gift there is in being obedient to the Father and loving those here, THERE, and everywhere.

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