Jesus or Braveheart?

Picture of Mel Gibson  as William Wallace  from Braveheart   High Quality Photo  A15467

I’m reading through the life of Jesus and seeing new things that I have never seen in some very familiar passages. “Open my eyes that I may see the wondrous things in your law(word).”Psalms 119:18

Jesus was just baptized by John and now being filled with the Holy Spirit He is lead in to the wilderness. The Father “commissioned” Him and now He is going to prepare Jesus for ministry. Seems like so many times in life when I am on a spiritual high or filled with the Spirit that I am immediately lead into a wilderness or valley. Coincident? I think not. So Jesus had been in the wilderness for 40 days which probably felt more like 40 years and now at a weak time Satan comes to attack. He always knows the best time to attack, unfortunately.

Satan attacks Jesus’ personal weakness first. He knew at the time what Jesus was thinking about,”FOOOOOOOOODDDDD!” Satan knows our weakness. Money problems, physical issues, relationship drama. Satan wants to take you out as quick as possible! Jesus combats his attack with scripture! Luke 4:4

Next Satan attacks/tempts Jesus with power and success. Why does Satan think that that would even be a temptation for Jesus or us, is God the Almighty not our Father? Satan knows that we have all thought of selling out at sometime or another to get ahead and that we all want to be a little more successful in life. Jesus again combated this with scripture. Luke 4:8

Satan was getting desperate in his attempts to pursued Jesus. He used scripture and twisted it up to see if he could get Jesus to question his trust in God. Luke 4:10-11 “Doesn’t the word say that He will give all the angels to watch out for you, you want even get hurt, right? Jump let us see what happens Jesus.” I can just see him saying this with a smirk and smart alick attitude. This sounds a lot like, “That’s not to much money to spend, after all does God not want the best for you.” or “We are living together to see if it’s a right fit. After all God hates divorce and we would not want that to happen.” Satan loves to twist God’s word so that we are tempted to question our faith in the Father. Jesus combats it again with scripture again. Luke 4:12

I am sure you already know that I am trying to make it clear that the word of God is the absolute best weapon to counter attack the enemy. We are helpless with out it and so many of us barely pick up our bibles Monday through Saturday. Why? Because we don’t realize the power and life that this book gives us. It is real, alive, all powerful, and at our disposal. Read it, study it, mediate on it, let it digest and take hold of your life. You will be amazed at the battles that you will be victorious in and the peace that it will deliver to your life. It is food for your soul. Take a bite and be satisfied.

I am picturing Jesus as Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Sitting on his horse with his head held high, war paint on, and sword in hand attacking and humiliating Satan in battle. Dude of all dude!

“Open my eyes that I may see the wondrous things from your Law(word).” Psalms 119:18

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