It's a Girl 014I have noticed something about myself lately. I am passionate! If I believe in something or feel lead in a direction I can easily become very passionate about it. It doesn’t even matter what it is, I can get passionate about simple, insignificant things and hugly important things. If it is a new food, I can tell you all about how to prepare that food. If it is a place, I can give you all of the best reasons for why you should visit there. If it is a musician, I can tell which songs would really speak to you. If it is an idea, I can help you understand why you should follow me in that way.

I think that this is a great attribute to have especially when I need to cast vision around a mission or a project that needs funds, man power, and prayer. But, I think that it could also be dangerous. I can find myself quickly getting off track or loosing heart when the passion fades away. So, how can we stay focused, and how can I(we) direct our zeal for the important things in life. We all have to think about this so that we can look back and know that we spent our time and energy the best way possible.

Obviously, I am directing this to Christian believers, therefore I believe that we need to first have the bible and time in prayer to be our guidelines to determine where we need to focus our passions.

I think that if we ask ourselves on a constant or routine basis what am I doing or where am I focused we, can realign ourselves. A wise person once told me that I need to keep asking myself if I am being faithful painting this door or have I gone on to painting windows. Let me explain. If I am hired to paint the front door of a house but as I begin painting I notice the many windows that need some work done to them too. If the one who hired me to paint the door comes home and sees the door not finished but sees me painting these windows, they are probably going to be frustrated with me. I was hired to paint the door, right.

We have to find the one thing in life that really excites us and is worth us spending our time, energy, and money on. STICK with that. Let that be your goal and vision in life. Don’t stray from that goal. You may have to take different vehicles to get there but keep that goal in mind with every effort in life. It may even help to right it down just to bring it formally together.

Why do I feel like this is even worth talking about? I know that God has created us for a specific purpose. Each one of us He has a plan for. “The steps of a man are established by the LORD,when he delights in his way.” Psalms 37:23 He has chosen each of us to carry out His plan but in a unique and specific way. Be encouraged in that you are special to God and He wants to use each of us and He wants us to live a life worth living. Don’t get caught up in a boring and normal life!

What are you passionate about? What are you doing with that passion? How can you make much of Jesus and live a life pleasing to Him with what He has put in your heart? I would love for you to reply and share. I love hearing stories of passions. I will write about mine later.

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