What a name

With the arrival of a new addition to the Rouse house we started many months ago thinking of great baby names. This is no easy or quick task. And when we thought we had it figured out we would decide to change it.
I believe that there is a lot in a persons name. While reading the Christmas story over and over this week I noticed that Elizabeth, John the Baptist mother also believed that a name was important. When he was born the community thought that he would be named after his father because that’s just what you would do, right? Elizabeth said no way! He will be called John and he will go before the Christ to prepare the way. His father even prophesied this to be his future calling. Then in Luke 3 you see that this was exactly what John dedicated his life to. Making away for the Lord.

While in Panama last year God clearly showed me that when we have a little girl that she should be called Faith. I didn’t even know that Lara was pregnant until I arrived home from this trip. We also wanted to honor a great friend of ours and name our baby girl after her. Her middle name is Faye and in Spanish Fe means “faith”. So we believe that God put on our hearts the name Fe for her middle name.

Our prayer is that she will be one filled with an abundants of faith. That she will trust in her Heavenly Father fully and take huge steps of faith. We pray that God will use her in some awesome ways. The bible is clear that with faith you can be pleasing to the Father and nothing will be impossible. What a great name!

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