Rodeo Viejo – Even the frogs praise!

PA10J-Rodeo Viejo 053
A few nights after we had been there in this village of Roedo Viejo we saw God doing great things. The second night at our cell group meetings the local christian men and woman broke up the crowd into small groups. We like to teach and demonstrate that small groups of people studying the bible, telling stories, and heartfelt questions being ask is the best type of ministry, church, and discipleship.

We had a small hand held generator that we hooked up a strain of 6 light bulbs or so. This gave us just enough light so that we were able to invite the village to the meetings at night after they got home from work. I was sitting back watching what God was doing with these people as they read the bible, some for the first time and while the local believers, some just baby Christians lead this discussion based bible study. It was so cool to see the faces light up with smiles of relief when they learned about grace and freedom in Christ!

I went off by myself to praise God for what He was doing in the lives and families of this village. As I sat there in the dark I realized that the bugs and frogs were making some of the loudest noise that I have ever heard. It was making it hard to pray but at that moment I thought, “what if they were praising the Creator?” I believe that creation can’t help but to worship the God of Creation and it is going to be loud. I joined in with the frogs and worshipped my awesome God.

Psalms 134:3, “Praise the Lord for He is good. Sing praises to His name for it is pleasant.”

Psalms 150: 6, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!”

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