Rodeo Viejo – Vision

Arua Oct. 2008 Spanky 200


For the past few months I have been questioning life and ministry. I have frequently been asking the question “what am I doing and what is God’s plan?” Sometimes that can be a good way to realign ourselves with what His will is for our life and ministry but that was not where my heart was. My heart was thinking that I am not seeing the results or having the easy path so this can’t really be God’s will, right? Even with those thoughts crowding my mind and heart daily the wonderful, loving, and purposeful Father keep reminding me and confirming to me that He has called me to a life of ministry. He actually chose me and wants to use me for his kingdom work.
Just before my trip to Panama I was seriously considering taking a job and getting out of full time ministry. I have to take care of my family and pay bills right?

After the second day in Rodeo Viejo a very godly man named Victor that I had be privileged to get to know, came to me late one evening and told me about a dream that he had had a couple of nights prior. So this is what he told me as I stood there with my eyes opened wide, heart filling up, and mouth on the floor.

I had a dream the other night and after talking to God about it I believe that it was from Him. I was nervous about telling you about it since we just meet and I did not want you to think that I was one of those weird people that have crazy vision that they say are from God. But He keeps laying it on my heart so I have to tell you if I am going to be able to lie down and go to sleep. I saw a picture of you…you were overseeing many and many were following your lead. You were being a great influence for the Kingdom and your influence and power keep growing the more you lead. After the dream I asked the Lord what it means and He told me to tell you “do not give up! Don’t stop! Keep following me and serving! I am going to use you in great ways but you have to keep diligent in My work!”

Victor then asked me what I thought. After a few gulps I said that I believe that this was from God. I shared with Victor that just last week I was thinking about putting this work aside but I felt like God was telling me not to and the his dream was proof that the Almighty was telling me this. It was a great comfort to me to here Victor say with such confidence and passion, “Don’t give up! Don’t stop! Keep following me! I’m going to use you in great ways.”

God is not done with me, the road is not going to be easy, and my family and I will have to suffer some pain but God is going to use us in ways that we cannot even imagine today. He will be glorified in our lives, family, and ministry for many years to come. We praise Him for this privilege!

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