True Worshipers



Lara worshipingOver the past month at church our youth have been talking about the people who are invisible. People who feel like no one cares or sees them. People who aren’t “important”. And sometimes that is us. The last week we talked about how Jesus made a point to be with those people and make a difference in their lives and so should we. The story we looked at was the Samaritan lady at the well in John 4.

This story has many details and social issues that make it interesting. Like a Jew talking to a Samaritan, a man talking to a woman, a woman going to fetch water alone and in the heat of the day, a person that was shunned among a group of people that were in that day the lowest of lows, a Rabbi being with the town whore, etc. But all of these were not what stuck out to me the most when I read it this time.

Jesus tells this unworthy woman that the Almighty God is seeking out worshipers. True worshipers. Followers that are going to make His name famous in Jerusalem and around the world. He came to her! Jesus was seeking out this lady with a nasty past because He knew that she was someone that He could love and use for the furthering of His kingdom. She would one that was a true worshiper.

In verses 26-30 Jesus revealed who He was and she believed. She forgot all about her needs and task for the day and immediately ran to tell the entire city about Jesus. This reminds me of the woman in east Africa. When they get excited or as they say filled with the Holy Spirit they let out a loud cry that gets your attention. It is something that you will never forget when you hear it. They want everyone to know what God is doing.

When you have been with Jesus others will know! You may let out a cry. You may run to tell everyone about Him. But you will definitely find yourself surrendering to him daily. Let us be true worshipers!

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