The Great Date Experiment

phone 047Our church is doing this really cool thing for the next 6 months to help spice up the romance in your marriage. It is called the Great Date Experiment. Each month they will give out an envelope with instructions for you and your spouse to take on a date. Lara and I went on our first of six dates last Friday night. It was fun!

After dropping the boys of we got in the car and began reading step 1 of 6 to start the date. Yes I cheated and read step one earlier in the week before Lara caught me, so I was already prepared. In step 1 husbands are suppose to use 4 pet names for their wife during the date while the ladies are suppose to touch their husbands backsides twice. I chose a few names that they suggested that I wouldn’t normally use like magic princess, gangster girl, and cowgirl. I don’t think these helped our romance level due to the fact that I laughed every time I called her these pet names.

Step 2, Go for appetizer at a favorite restaurant. We chose to have guacamole live at On the Border. There we answered fun questions and laughed. Step 3, The appetizer was so good and the snow was falling so hard that we decided to stay for dinner. The questions got a little more intimate as the night went on. After dinner we went out side in the snow and took a wonderful picture that we made our wallpaper on our phones and profile picture on facebook. It was a little corny but fun too. Step 4, We walked in the snow to CVS so we could buy a $2 gift for each other. This was hilarious! When we got back to the car and we gave each other our gifts and explained why we bought these specific gifts. Lara had bought me post-it notes so she could write me love notes and I bought her nail polish so I could paint her toe nails when we got home. This was a fun and sweet part of our date and almost felt like we were on a date back in high school. Step 5, You are suppose to either go for dessert or sit in the car and make out. Well we debated the skipping dessert but because dessert is the part of the date that my wife had been looking forward to all night we saved the making out for later. We drove slow in a snowy wonderland to Chile’s where we ate dessert and finished answering the questions for this step. This part of the evening was my most enjoyable part too but not because of the dessert. The questions lead our conversation to an intimate time of verbally encouraging each other. I realized that we don’t do this for each other enough and it felt good to share how special to me she was.Step 6, is not up for conversation but it is a time when the experiment becomes chemistry!

I think that Lara and I have a pretty good marriage and I thought that this wouldn’t really be that needful for us but this date night will be a night that we will not forget. It was fun, exciting, relaxing, intimate, uplifting, and satisfying. The thermostat of romance in our relationship was definitely turned up a few notches. We can’t wait until Great Date Experiment 2!

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