Real Love

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Do you know what “Real Love” is? I think that real love is something that you don’t just have or get but rather it is apart of God that He develops with in us. We are selfish and disgusting creatures that care only for ourselves so if there be any kind of love with in you it has to be the image of God coming out. The bible says that even my best is still in the likeness of filthy, dirty rags so how could I ever really love someone. I can only love through the love that my Heavenly Father has given me. Before I was apart of God’s family, while I was still at my worst, Jesus stepped out of Heaven in all of its glory and willingly died for me. He did what I could not do but what I should have to do all because He loves me more than anything else. That is “Real Love”.

This love should change the way we live and act. Every relationship and situation would be effected if we truly walked in this love. Beginning with our family. I have to put them first and become a servant if I want to love them with “Real Love”. As we have been learning at Ridge Church the past few weeks, love is a verb so put it into action.

This love should also cause us to take action for the people in this world that are in need physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually. How can we, followers of Christ not step up to the plate and stand in the gap for those all over this world that are in need. The least we could do is give but we should be going to help too. We, who live in America that say,”What can I do” should be ashamed! We live in the top 5% of the most wealthy people in the whole world and we wonder what we can do. There are children, widows, and families all over this world that are homeless, hungry, dying of sicknesses that are easily curable, crippled and crawling, dehydrated, hopeless, joyless, and empty and we seem to be okwith that. What can you do? You can start right where you are. Acts 1:8 Go serve, give $20 a month, step up to the plate and help, and at least be praying for those in need. 1 John 3:16 ” By Jesus we know love, and now we ought to lay down our lives for others.”

The gospel, what Jesus has done and is still doing for you, should put love into action in your life! 1 John 4:11 “If God so loved us, then we ought to love one another.” It’s not what I can achieve in life that matters it is who I can affect for the glory of God that matters.

Watch this 3 minute video.

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