Going to jail!

I had a good friend invite me to go with him and some other men to a local prison for a church service. Honestly, I put on my self righteous attitude and thought that I might be able to go a minister to these poor men. Man did God have something in store for me. It was one of the most up lifting times that I have had and it was one of the most moving church services that I have been apart of. The music and singers were amazing! You would never think that these guys would have been in a church choir but I am sure glad they are. The inmate that I was sitting with said that he was going to try to get relocated closer to where he is from but after coming to this facility and finding this church he decide that this would be the best place for him during this time in his life. God is using some of the most unusable and unqualified people according to the worlds standards to minister to inside this prison. That is he power of God!

God knew that I was in a funk. He also knew that being in that prison with those men worshiping the Father was the best place for me to be on that Tuesday night. The service started by a couple of men giving testimonies of how wonderful our God is and what he was teaching them in the Word. One of the men actually said, ” Men we need to thank God tonight for allowing us to be right where we are. He is so good to us.” I sat there thinking, do you not understand that you are locked up in this prison or what! Others stood up and gave testimonies of His faithfulness and power, His goodness in their life, His blessings, and the hope and joy that they have. I could not believe the praise and worship that was coming out of these mens mouths. I had been thinking for the past two days about how “hard” my life is and these men are talking about worshiping the Father even in their situation. The Spirit of the Lord quickly broke my heart and allowed me to lay it all at His feet. James 1:2 came to mind, Count it joy when you face the trials of life. It is a privilege to be where I am no matter how hard because God is using this time to produce His character in me.

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