Update from Uganda

Hello family, friends, and partners,Wow! God is so awesome! He truly amazed me moment after moment on this trip. We talk regularly about what is a “win” so we will recognize the hand of God moving and it seemed as though we saw win after win. Our team was made up of 29 people from the US, 3 from the UK, and many Ugandans. We worked in the area of Kaberamaido, Uganda planting 5 Ugandan lead churches by evangelizing, disciplining, sports evangelism, HIV/Aids education, and Medical ministry. Some conditions were tough and circumstances difficult to work through but God was there and at work. I know that each one of us returned back home changed forever and filled up more with a zealousness and fire in our spirit for the Lord and to serve! That is what it is all about for Lara and I!

CIMG2924Everyday I would wake up and say, “Father can today really be any better than yesterday?” and everyday He would amaze me. Close to 400 people received Christ into their heart for the first time, 340 of them were revisited for a time of discipleship, and over 275 of the new believers were coming for cell group meetings where there was a time of worship and bible study. We had over 750 medical patients and close to 400 eye glasses patients come through our medical clinics. The newest part of our ministry, sports evangelism was a huge success too. Each day the soccer fields were filled with people of all ages ready to play and hear the gospel. I know that success is not measured in numbers but in the lives that are changed when we are dealing with ministry. I saw success this week. In the eye of a little child that has cancer and has lost one eye already. In the words of a pastor that said the he is giving his life to disciple, nurture, and teach these new believers in his village. In the voice of a lady who had giving her heart to Jesus and then said,”I feel like I have hope and joy now”. On the smiling face of a boy with no arms. And in the voice of an American team member that said as we returned home,”Now what am I suppose to do since my life has been changed?”

This was a life changing week for all of us, American, British, and Ugandan. I am left asking the Father this morning,”Can today be any better than that?” Lara and I are so excited to see what He has in store for us next! We know that this is only the beginning.

We are planning on putting some pictures together to send out to you also. Thank you for your prayers and support!!! We know that we can’t do this with out you and we are sure that in Heaven many will tell you thank you. God bless you!

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