What are your motives

God has blessed me with the opportunity to be apart of a mens bible study for the summer. We have been meeting for two weeks and already we have seen God work. In them and in me. We are reading through the book “In the company of Jesus” by Bill Donahue. One of the sections in chapter one that we read was titled “The Teacher who exposes our motives”. I really thought that this study was more for them than me until this section.

What are our motives for doing the things that we do? I began to think why do we help others, why do we give money, time, efforts, energy, why are we in ministry, why do we “sacrifice”? What are my motives: money, pride, ego, love, compassion, fear? What I think the book talks about is getting honest with God and yourself and asking these tough questions. Be open before Him and let him shine His light of truth on the secret places of your heart. I have to say I don’t know if my motives are always in the right place. The thing that sucks about this is that whatever praise or earthly gratification I get now is all that I will get. But if my motives are pure then my Father in Heaven sees my good deeds and will reward my justly. Men praising or God rewarding? I think that I will choose God. Matthew 6:3-4

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