A day at the beach

I could not have asked for a better day with the family. We were going down to the beach to celebrate our anniversary but decided to go one day earlier so we could spend it with the boys. Lara’s grandmother was keeping them at the beach anyways so who wouldn’t want just one more day at the beach. It was absolutely perfect!

The skies inland looked dark and rainy but on the beach we had nothing but warm air and sun. The weather and water were perfect.Grey slept for the first part of our trip in his stroller under the pier while Mac and I played in the waves. Mac is the absolutely coolest boogie border that I have ever seen with his Scooby-Doo board. Once Grey awoke and realized that there was “wadoo” he was in. (wadoo means water in the language that Greyson speaks) He was a little hesitant at first but quickly got use to the waves. Every time I tried to sit down and take a break I either had Grey pointing at the ocean saying, “no wadoo, wadoo”, or Mac pouring buckets of sand and water on me so I would chase after him. He thought it was so funny. I quickly learned that it would be years before I just sat on the beach and relaxed with my wife.

Between her frequent trips to the water with Grey and laughing at me, Lara lounged in the sun with her grandmother and aunt. They enjoy talking about everyone that walks by and who am I kidding I enjoy that too. We could not have had a better day at the beach. There is nothing that could have made this day any better. Well if everyone wasn’t so pink it might be a little better. Praise God for his creation: the beach, family, His mercy and love, and all of those things combined into one day.

p.s. Pictures will come later!

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