Sun kissed by His Glory

Bella 029Have you ever heard the phrase “sun kissed”? Sun kissed is when you have been out in the sun all day and feel the effects of the hot glowing sun all over your body. We tell our little boys that they look sun kissed when they come in from the pool or beach and their cheeks are rosy pink.

I heard a wise and godly man says something so that really got me thinking. He said that his daughter and wife were glimpses of the Glory of God to come. That stuck with me. It made me see my family in a little different light. They are precious and wonderful gifts sent by God to me. He gave me them so that I can know Him better and know of His Glory to come. WOW! How differently will we talk to and treat our families when we see them as a glimpse of God’s glory.

My wife and two wonderful boys are to me like being sun kissed by God’s presence, power, beauty, and love. How good it feels to be sun kissed by His glory!

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