My Boys

DSC0282 copyI have come to realize that God makes each of us special and unique. Lara and I have two wonderful little boys, if you do not know already. These boys, Mac and Grey, are something special. If you have spent anytime at all with either of them you will know what we are talking about. If you have spent anytime with them you will also know just how different these boys are from each other. Mac is sweet, tender hearted, blond hair, and blue eyes while Grey is tough, strong willed, dark hair, and brown eyes. These two could not be any more different unless they weren’t brothers. I even wonder if they are brothers some days.

Yesterday we were riding down the road talking about how different they are when the Lord revealed something great about both of them to us. While Mac is sweet and continent always he is not a great leader, yet. It frustrates me when I see him following others and not standing up for himself. Not even to his little brother. I want to say,”be strong and of great courage!” with a God size voice so he will listen. It makes me wonder if it is a coincidence that we named him Joshua? I think not! Grey is the one that I seem to butt heads with and seemed to get frustrated with since it is “his way” or no way. No comments! We named Grey, Jeremiah with the hope that God would touch his mouth and let His holiness come flowing out and not his Rouseness. Just kidding.

But with their weaknesses we can also see the potential in them to be great men for God. That is our hearts desire. That there will be nothing more important in their lives than Him and that God will do great and wonderful things through them for His glory. Mac is going to be such a servant for the Kingdom like his mother. He will give you anything even if it is his last one and you never hear him complain. What a blessing he is! Grey is going to accomplish what ever task God puts before him and he will not let anything get in his way. If he is determined and if his energy and focus is towards Christ the world and Satan better watch out. What a blessing he is!

My prayer is that they will have a face to face intimacy with Christ that they will hear, see, and be touched by Him as Joshua and Jeremiah were. I also pray that they will have the strength and courage as Joshua had through out his life to follow God and accomplish His task. Lastly, I pray that they will be obedient in following the plans that the Lord lays out for them as He enables as He did for the young Jeremiah in the first chapter. What a blessing these boys are and I know will be!

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