What will you spend your time praying for?

About 4 weeks ago our lead pastor at Ridge Church, Chris Brown, encouraged us to really get serious about praying for the spiritually blind. For all of you old school folks that means the “lost”. I thought to my self while he was talking that he is not speaking to me. I’m a missionary. If anyone has a passion for the lost it would be me. What an idiot I can be. About that time the Lord laid a huge dose of conviction on my heart.

Chris then asked us what is the biggest thing that we spend time praying for. He confessed that he had been spending more time praying for his staff’s paycheck than those in his life and church that are spiritually blind. I knew immediately what I have been praying for the most and it was not non-Christians. I knew that I had been spending the majority of my prayer time praying about other unimportant things. Money! Some missionary huh.

I had let support raising, money and budgets become my first priority. Even though those things are needed in life that can not be what is most important. I know that He wants me to pray about other things but I also know that He will provide my daily bread. I quickly knew those people that God was wanting me to be passionately pleading for on a daily basis. I could see them in my mind. I started making those people and their need for the Lord’s salvation the focus in prayer. I had not even been praying for the countries and people groups that I feel God has so strongly called me to as much as I had been praying about this other stuff. After a little rearranging my time in prayer and calling out these people by name in prayer multiple times a day I actually began seeing God change their lives. Like I should be surprised.

This reminded me of a story Lara and I were reading in Deuteronomy 9 during our devotions. Moses is retelling the story of when he went on top of the mountain for 40 days and nights to plead to God for His mercy on the tribes. Moses went to ask God to please spare his people and even bless them. They did not deserve it and I am sure that there were other things that Moses would have loved to have spent time talking to God about. He was in the presence of the Almighty and he did not ask for anything for himself. Wow, I think I would have at least ask for something. Maybe a good meal, new sandals or something. Moses knew what was important. The relationship between God and His people. As a friend and ministry partner said to me the other day while we were eating lunch and talking about life and the economy, “What is more important than telling others today the good news and seeing them come in to a new and exciting relationship with Christ. NOTHING!”

I want to encourage you believers to ask God to show you 5 spiritually blind people that He wants you to be praying for. This could be the turning point in their spiritual journey and God could actually use you to be apart of it. What will you spend your time praying for?

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