What am I called?

“My heart was an orphan but you gave me a name”
Mark 1:11, Matthew 17:5, & Galatians 3:26
When God looks at me does He say this is my son, Spanky, in whom I love and am well pleased? I am guessing that God doesn’t call me Spanky 🙂
I do believe that when He looks at me He does call me by name, though. What is this name He calls me? I think it is a make up of my personality, deep desires, hardwiring, and His personal finger print on my life. So, is it an actual name or just a deep emotion that moves His heart? I don’t really know but I like imagine that He has given me a specific and divine name.
“Mighty Beloved”
I believe that this summer the Lord actually spoke this name to me only for the purpose of reminding me who I am and whose I am.
Mighty – strong, powerful, immense, enormous, tremendous…
God’s finger print on my life is this mighty passion He has filled my soul with. Let me be clear, I think He calls me mighty not because of any physical strength or power. Mighty because of this enormous passion He has put in my heart. Passion is something I am not lacking in especially when it comes to my wife, my children, serving and loving others, meeting the needs of people, and encouraging others to seek after Jesus. I feel like there are days and moments when I am going to simply explode from all of this that is inside of me that wants to come out. And this mighty passion was created inside of me not remain but to flow freely!
Beloved – cherished, greatly loved, dear to the heart, cared for intently
I am the center of the Father’s heart and affection. He treasures me and says that I am His pleasure and satisfaction. I was made to be loved by God and He desires to cover me in this gigantic love everyday. The reason for God’s love, is me. As the Father’s son I am loved beyond measure now and every single day I wake up!
Therefore, when life gets tough, days aren’t the brightest, mountains are in front of me, task are big, I feel scared and I want to give up, my Dad reminds me that He calls me by name…“Mighty Beloved”.
My question to the one reading this is…How has the Father uniquely created you? And, have you sat and thought of just how much he cherishes you, just because of who you are? Do it! Take the time to sit with this and let Him speak to your heart today.