Back in the Swing of Things

It has already been a month since we have returned home from visiting the US. It has been a busy time with lots of activities. We thought that we would just share some of our favorite pics with you.

This was our first Sunday back in our winter attire. It was pretty difficult going from the Southern July summer heat to winter in a matter of a couple days! We went from shorts and flip flops to wearing four layers of clothing inside the house.

We missed our people and I think they missed us too! It was heartwarming coming back to these beautiful smiles!

Many of you may have seen on Instagram and Facebook that Elly had her first dance competition once we returned to South Africa. She did so great! This little performer shines on stage and thrives in a dance group like this. It is a joy to watch her dance!

Grey celebrated his 11th birthday by going to breakfast with dad and spending the day with his friend Matthew. It was a perfect, Grey kind of day. Full of fun, good food and great conversations!

When you pour your life out for someone else it fills you back up in a supernatural way. We love doing life with these people!

Alechia has her 21st birthday! Alechia wanted a masquerade party so we went and got all dressed up for the evening!

First day of School! 2nd Grade, 5th grade, and 8th grade

We would love for you to be praying for:

  • the kids schooling
  • the last few months of the resident program. Our heart is for the residents to gain a greater understanding of their identity in Christ and passion for all that God has next for them.
  • Wisdom
  • Deeper relationships
  • for Romero (the young man that lives with us) to have success and influence in his new job.

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