The Big Apple Adventure


A couple of weeks ago we had to make a last minute trip to New York City to apply for our South African volunteer visas. Lara and I thought it was going to be just the 2 of us but it ended up needing to be all 5 of us. None of us had ever been to NYC so we were excited to see the city but nervous about the visa application process. We arrived early in the morning to ensure we could make it before they stopped accepting visa applications at 1pm. You should have seen us jogging from the train station, through the city, with bags in hand, in 95 degree weather, for as really long way. #touristbecrazy IMG_7785

We made it and only had to wait behind one person before it was our turn. Lara had done a ton of work to make sure we had everything they would ask for and had it in order which made the process a little more simple (not that there is anything simple when it comes to dealing with a government office!). She did ask us for a couple other documents but we were able to have them sent to us and printed at the local FedEx store (Thanks to all at East Mountain in South Africa for making that happen!!!). When we went back to the Consulate office the to deliver the documents you should have seen the ladies face. She couldn’t believe that we had gotten everything together and came all the way back to give them directly to her. Hopefully that helped us out some!

Now we wait. We have no way of knowing how the process is going, if we are going to get approved, or when our 5 passports may show up in the mail. So we wait and trust in the Lord to handle it. We are moving forward with everything else in life and planning on leaving August 1st!

If you would join us in praying that we would be approved quickly and receive our visas and passports promptly, we would really appreciate it! Be praying for the person that is reviewing and approving our application, that we may have favor with him. God has provided every step of this journey and there is no reason to not trust Him with too. He is faithful and trustworthy!!!

PS – NYC was awesome! We loved sight seeing, eating at cool local spots on the street, and meeting some people. It is a big city with tons to do so we will definitely need to go back and stay longer!

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